Transformative Weight Loss Journey: Amanda Batula's Inspiring Success Story

15 MAY  2023

Amanda Batula, known for her appearances on Bravo's "Summer House," underwent an inspiring weight loss journey.

Who Is Amanda Batula

Amanda's weight loss journey involved a combination of a diet plan, a workout routine, and various tips and tricks.

The Combination Approach

Initially, Amanda's weight was normal, but during Season 2 of "Summer House," she started gaining significant weight.

Initial Weight

Amanda successfully lost 15-20 pounds by practicing intermittent fasting and following the 18:6 method.

Intermittent Fasting

She worked closely with a nutritionist and followed a strict diet plan for weight loss, including incorporating bulletproof coffee and avoiding certain fruits.

Diet Plan

Amanda emphasized the importance of fulfilling cravings in moderation to prevent overindulgence.

Moderation is Key

Despite not being a fan of workouts, Amanda focused on changing her eating habits and monitoring her weight for successful weight loss.

monitoring her weight

She advised her fans to avoid excessive reliance on weighing scales, reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake, eat smaller portions, and practice intermittent fasting.

Valuable Advice

Amanda highlighted the significance of self-satisfaction and setting personal boundaries for weight loss success.

Setting Boundaries

Balancing the diet and making small modifications can lead to significant weight loss and maintaining a positive attitude.

Balancing Diet

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