17 MAY  2023

Discover Wingstop Nutrition Facts Calories and More!

Wingstop specializes in serving chicken wings and has been popular since 1994.

Wingstop Legacy

It is important to check the nutrition facts before ordering any dish at Wingstop.

Nutrition Awareness

The Wingstop Atomic chicken thigh has 230 calories and other nutritional information is provided.

Atomic Wings

The Wingstop Atomic wings have 144 calories and additional nutritional values are available.

Voodoo Fries

Louisiana Voodoo Fries at Wingstop have 910 calories in the large serving size.

Mango Habanero

Mango Habanero Wings at Wingstop contain 159 calories for a serving of two wings.

Honey Mustard Sauce

Nutritional values for Wingstop's honey mustard dipping sauce are provided.

Thigh Bites

Wingstop Thigh Bites have 1070 calories for the regular serving size.

Seasoned Fries

The nutritional values for Wingstop's seasoned fries in the large serving are listed.

Wingstop's Seasoned Fries

Spicy Korean Q Wingstop has 250 calories per serving.

Spicy Korean Q

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