JUNE 2023

Best Exercises for Plantar Plate Tear

Strengthen muscles around the plantar plate with towel or marble exercises.

Toe curls

Alleviate tension and increase flexibility to relieve plantar plate tear symptoms.

Calf stretches

Improve foot stability and support healing with arch strengthening exercises.

Arch exercises

Maintain flexibility and range of motion in the affected foot.

Toe extensions

Promote mobility and reduce stiffness in foot and ankle.

Ankle range of motion exercises

Engage in low-impact activities like swimming or cycling.

Non-weight bearing exercises

Enhance stability and strengthen muscles around the plantar plate.

Balance exercises

Apply ice and consider gentle foot massage for pain relief and inflammation reduction.

Ice and massage

Seek professional guidance for tailored exercises and proper healing.

Physical therapy exercises

Wear supportive shoes and consider orthotic inserts for arch support.

Proper footwear and orthotics

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