JUNE 2023

Effective Exercises for Cervicogenic Headaches

Relieve tension and improve flexibility to ease cervicogenic headaches.

Neck stretches

Strengthen muscles to improve posture and reduce strain on the neck.

Posture correction exercises

Release tension in the neck and shoulders to alleviate cervicogenic headaches.

Shoulder shrugs

Correct forward head posture and reduce neck strain for headache relief.

Chin tucks

Improve mobility and reduce stiffness for cervicogenic headache relief.

Range of motion exercises

Manage stress and tension that contribute to headaches.

Deep breathing and relaxation

Target deep neck muscles to enhance stability and reduce headaches.

Neck muscle strengthening

Apply packs to relax muscles and reduce inflammation for temporary relief.

Heat/cold therapy

Personalized exercises address underlying causes of headaches.

Physical therapy exercises

Manage stress, adjust work environment to prevent and alleviate headaches.

Stress management and ergonomics

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