JUNE 2023

Effective Exercises for Side Boob Fat

Engage in activities like running, cycling, or swimming to burn overall body fat, including side boob fat.

Cardiovascular exercises

Target the chest muscles with push-up variations, such as wide grip push-ups, to tone and strengthen the area and reduce side boob fat.


Perform dumbbell flyes to specifically target the chest muscles and help tighten and firm the side boob area.

Dumbbell flyes

Utilize the chest press machine at the gym to work the pectoral muscles and reduce excess fat in the side boob area.

Chest press machine

Include bent-over rows in your workout routine to strengthen the back muscles and improve overall posture, which can help reduce the appearance of side boob fat.

Bent-over rows

Use cable crossovers to isolate the chest muscles and focus on toning the side boob area.

Cable crossovers

Incorporate swimming as it engages the entire body and can help burn calories and reduce fat, including side boob fat.


Perform various plank exercises, such as side planks and standard planks, to engage the core and strengthen the entire upper body, including the chest muscles.

Plank exercises

Include HIIT workouts that combine intense bursts of exercise with short recovery periods to maximize calorie burn and reduce overall body fat, including side boob fat.

High-intensity interval training

Remember that exercise alone may not be enough to specifically target side boob fat. Maintain a balanced diet, focusing on a calorie deficit, to support overall fat loss throughout the body, including the side boob area.

Balanced diet

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