JUNE 2023

Effective Exercises for Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Gentle calf and ankle stretches relieve tension in the sinus tarsi.

Stretching exercises

Toe curls, heel raises, and ankle circles improve stability around the sinus tarsi.

Strengthening exercises

Standing on one leg or using a balance board enhances stability in the sinus tarsi.

Balance exercises

Rotating and doing ankle alphabet exercises increase mobility in the sinus tarsi.

Ankle range of motion exercises

Lowering heels below a step strengthens the calf muscles involved in sinus tarsi syndrome.

Eccentric exercises

Using bands during ankle movements improves strength and stability in the sinus tarsi.

Resistance band exercises

Swimming, cycling, and elliptical workouts maintain fitness without stressing the sinus tarsi.

Low-impact exercises

Ankle circles, toe stretches, and marble pickups promote joint mobility.

Foot and ankle mobilization exercises

Balance boards challenge and improve stability in the sinus tarsi.

Proprioceptive exercises

 Seek a professional's guidance for an accurate diagnosis and personalized exercise plan for sinus tarsi syndrome.

Consult a healthcare professional

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