JUNE 2023

What Happens When You Do Cherry Picker Exercise Daily

Cherry picker exercise builds upper body strength & targets arms, shoulders, and back muscles.

Strengthening Muscles

Cherry picker exercise enhances shoulder, back & hamstring flexibility for better range of motion.

Improved Flexibility

Engage core muscles with cherry picker exercise for improved stability & balance. Strengthen abs & lower back.

Core Stability

Cherry picker exercise improves posture by targeting muscles for an upright position. Avoid slouching.

Postural Alignment

Enhance upper body endurance with cherry picker exercise for less fatigue in daily activities.

Upper Body Endurance

Cherry picker exercise strengthens grip as you hold the bar, benefiting various activities & sports.

Improved Grip Strength

Cherry picker exercise improves shoulder mobility & flexibility, reducing injury risks.

Enhanced Shoulder Mobility

Burn calories with cherry picker exercise, a compound movement engaging multiple muscle groups.

Calorie Burning

Cherry picker exercise mimics daily movements like lifting, improving overall functionality & fitness.

Functional Fitness

Add cherry picker exercise for variety & challenge, targeting different muscle groups in workouts.

Variety and Challenge

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