Discover 10 Powerful Health Benefits of Brown Bread

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In this fast-paced world where everyone is super busy with their work schedule, people rarely any time to prepare any dish for their breakfast. And, when they have the choice of eating a readymade baked food product, bread, which they can have any time with jam or a piece of boiled egg/omelet, why should they think of any other alternative option? 

10 Powerful Health Benefits of Brown Bread to Elevate Your Diet
10 Powerful Health Benefits of Brown Bread to Elevate Your Diet

After all, bread is healthy to eat and it can be converted into various tasty snacks like sandwiches, French toast, etc! But, since bread is available in various types such as white bread, multigrain bread, brown bread, etc., people usually go through some confusion like- What is Brown Bread? What is the difference between brown bread and white bread? What are the benefits of brown bread?… and so on…

To quench your thirst for knowledge regarding bread, especially brown bread, we are here today with detailed information on brown bread and its difference from white bread. Curious to know all this information about bread? Then, keep reading and we promise, we will not disappoint you. 

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What is Brown Bread?

It’s a distinguished kind of bread, different from all other types of bread, that is healthy and is a perfect choice for those who are health conscious. This bread is eaten all over the world. It comprises a substantial quantity of whole grains such as wheat/rye within it. The brown color of this bread comes from the coloring of certain ingredients such as molasses, coffee, caramel, etc. 

What is Brown Bread_
What is Brown Bread_

Available in several forms ( ranging from bread buns and loaves to bread rolls), this bread is sold everywhere in the world. It has all the vital nutrients as well as fiber that are present in the wheat flour’s bran and germ. This is because the flour’s bran and germ are not thrown away while preparing the brown bread. On the contrary, it’s added to the mixture of the brown bread before giving the bread the final shape. 

5 major components of brown bread are:

  1. Wheat/Rye flour
  2. Yeast
  3. Water
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar

For making brown bread, these ingredients have to be used in reasonable proportion, that is, neither in insufficient quantity nor in excessive quantity. For that, the scaling and weighing of the components are very critical. Once the measurement is done, it’s now time to begin the preparation of the dough. The bread makers ferment the dough for a sufficient period. It’s done so that the dough gets properly aerated. 

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The process of fermentation includes the acting of the yeast cells upon the sugars to generate carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. Gas retention happens in fermentation, which allows the dough to rise in volume. The bread maker then punches the risen dough so that the gas gets released from it. Now, the final dough is given the desired shape by rolling or flattening it. The newly shaped dough is then baked in an oven to get the final product.  

The different shapes, designs, and sizes of the brown bread depend upon the bakers. Some bakers keep the bread in the form of loaves and pack them while others make sweet buns from the dough and roll them into individual pieces of buns before packing them on. Still, some like to keep them in the form of bread rolls. Some bakers like to keep the bread small while others keep them medium-sized. Still, other bakers keep them of large size.

Many bakers use various supplements (bread improvers) in their bread to improve their tastes, properties, texture, hardness, and flavor. These bread improvers include Demerara sugar, yeast foods or other enriching agents, malt sugar, mineral additives, and so on. The bread makers also use anti-staling agents in their bread so that the bread doesn’t get staled easily. 

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The anti-staling agents include lecithin, GMS, etc. These agents also improve the texture of your bread and enhance its volume. People from different regions prepare different dishes with brown bread or crumbs. For example, some people make croutons from this type of bread whereas others make burgers, sandwiches, or French toast from it. Whenever you are at a store to select brown bread, choose it fresh by inspecting its smell and texture. It’s also important that you should purchase brown bread only after examining its packaging, manufacturing, and expiry dates. 

Brown Bread Nutrition and Calories

As you have already got the answer to the question – “What is Brown Bread?”, the next question that can come to your mind is – ” Is brown bread nutritious?” Well! Yes, brown bread is a nutritious addition to your diet. Brown bread’s calories are less than white bread’s. One slice (29 grams) of brown bread comprises:

  • 77 Calories
  • 8.5 – Calories from Fat
  • 0.9 grams of Total Fat (1 percent)
  • 0.2 grams of Saturated Fat (1 percent)
  • 0 grams of Trans Fat (0 percent)
  • 0.4 grams of Polyunsaturated Fat 
  • 0.2 grams of Monounsaturated Fat 
  • 0 milligrams of Cholesterol (0 percent)
  • 147 milligrams of Sodium (6 percent)
  • 51 milligrams of Potassium (1 percent)
  • 14 grams of Total Carbohydrates (5 percent)
  • 1.2 grams of Dietary Fiber (5 percent)
  • 1.7 grams of Sugar 
  • 3.1 grams of Protein
  • 0 percent of Vitamin A
  • 0 percent of Vitamin C
  • 3 percent of Calcium 
  • 5.6 percent of iron

From the above points about brown bread nutrition, you can see, how good is brown bread from its nutritional context. The low brown bread calories as compared to white bread also make it suitable for the breakfast of those people who are health conscious and are running on a diet. Besides, brown bread is also full of Vitamin E, K, and B and other nutrients such as Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Thiamine, folate, and magnesium. Now, let us proceed further to know about the different benefits of brown bread. 

Top 10 Brown Bread Benefits

The benefits of brown bread regarding our health are immense. It’s the brown bread nutrition that gives it so many health-related beneficiary properties. Here are some of the usefulness of brown bread: 

Top 10 Brown Bread Benefits
Top 10 Brown Bread Benefits

1. Brown Bread Gives Your Body Several Vitamins And Minerals

As already discussed above in the brown bread nutrition section, brown bread provides us with several vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, iron, manganese, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, etc. So, eating brown bread in your breakfast every day or adding it to your other meals will give you a lot of stamina and keep you going for the entire day. These vitamins and minerals will also ensure the overall healthfulness of your body. 

2. Brown Bread Saves You From Cancer

Some studies suggest that brown bread has cancer-fighting properties so, eating it daily will keep you away from cancer. However many more researchers are needed to confirm this statement about brown bread. So, it’s too early to come to any conclusion. 

3. Brown Bread Will Assist You In Your Bodybuilding Effort

Brown bread comprises a high quantity of protein and carbohydrates in it. So, eating brown bread regularly will give your body a significant amount of strength as well as energy, which are vital for your bodybuilding. 

One of the significant benefits of brown bread is its prevention of heart disease. Whole grains are known for preventing heart ailments and brown bread is made of whole grains. So, it’s obvious that it can be associated with lowering the stake of heart attack or other heart-related ailments. Research confirms that if you eat 28 grams of whole grains, your heart attack risk will be lessened by 22 percent. Whole grains brown bread works by ameliorating your blood cholesterol and regulating your blood pressure and thus safeguards you from the disorders that are related to the heart.  

5. Brown Bread Will Save You From Strokes

Among various benefits of brown bread, another important benefit is its stroke-preventing property. As stated above, brown bread comprises whole grains, fiber, and vitamin K. Besides, it also comprises antioxidants. All these brown bread components help prevent strokes or at least decrease the risk of attack. As per research, the whole grains present in brown bread lessen the chance of occurring of strokes by 14 percent. 

6. Brown Bread Helps You Lead A Stress-free Life

According to reports from various studies, brown bread can fight stress or hypertension. As you eat 1 or 2 slices of brown bread, your brain starts releasing happy hormones. These hormones are known for making you happy by alleviating your stress. Also, eating brown bread discharges a neurotransmitter named serotonin, which is known for giving you pleasure and making your body well by recovering it from the distress of stress. As a result, you also get rid of hypertension and have a sound sleep at night.  

7. Brown Breads Regulates The Glucose Levels Of Your Blood

Though normal bread is known for encompassing a large number of carbohydrates and thus elevating one’s blood sugar level, it’s not true with brown bread. This is because brown bread is a healthy alternative made of whole grains. 

The same has been confirmed with the ADA (American Diabetes Association) as well. The reason why whole grain diets don’t increase blood sugar levels is that such kind of foods contain a lower glycemic index. So, with whole grains or whole grain-containing foods, your blood sugar level remains controlled. 

8. Brown Breads Relieves You From Constipation And Thus Saves You From Piles, Fissures Etc

Brown bread comprises a lot of fiber in it. These fibers heighten your stool’s weight and speed up its flow so that it is excreted from your body quickly. So, brown bread works like laxatives in fostering your daily bowel movements and saves you from various hemorrhoid issues like piles, fissures, abscesses, etc., that happen due to long-term constipation in a person. 

9. Brown Breads Boosts Your Metabolism By Prompting Digestion

Do you know, what’s the thing that healthily induces the process of digestion? Well! It’s none other than fibers. Add a lot of fiber to your diet and you will see a great improvement in your digestion process. And, since brown bread is full of healthy fibers, eating it is a great way to prompt digestion and thus improve the metabolism of your body. The fibers present in brown bread give nutrition to the profitable bacteria inside your gut which are very useful in improving your digestive health and thus behave like a probiotic. Besides, many people also use brown bread for weight loss as it comprises fewer calories than white bread. 

10. Brown Breads Saves You From Death Through Chronic Inflammation

We all know that many times inflammation results in chronic diseases, especially in women, and if these diseases are not treated properly in time, it may lead to the diseased person’s death. However, a few proofs from the past indicate that whole grains bread or brown bread are very helpful in reducing this inflammation, thus saving the diseased person from death. It’s the power of the whole grains and the fibers in the brown bread that heals the inflammation in the person a lot and gives him/her a new life. 

Brown Bread for Weight Gain

Brown bread is a whole-grain bread that comprises a reasonable amount of carbohydrates and carbohydrates help gain weight. However, brown bread alone cannot help you gain weight. If you want to intake brown bread for weight gain, convert it into a yummy and tasty breakfast in combination with eggs, meat, potato, or cheese. Prepare items like sandwiches, burgers, French toast, etc by frying them in oil. This will not only make your dishes savory but also increase the calories of the foods. So, using brown bread for weight gain is a good idea but make it possible by acting on your idea wisely.  

Brown Bread for Weight Loss

Brown bread has a lot of fiber and eating fiber suppresses your appetite for eating more. This saves you from unnecessary overeating and cuts your obesity from the root. So, health experts and dietitians often recommend brown bread for weight loss. 

Brown Bread for Weight Loss
Brown Bread for Weight Loss

Brown Bread for Diabetes

Brown bread is a good source of fiber that keeps diabetes under control. The use of brown bread for Diabetes is very common today. Brown bread reduces diabetes status in a person as it keeps one’s blood sugar level in restraint. ADA has also supported the use of brown bread for Diabetes by confirming its usefulness and stating that the food product manages the blood sugar levels in a person’s body very well due to its low glycemic index. So, using brown bread for Diabetes is recommended by various experts in this field. 

Brown Bread for Diabetes
Brown Bread for Diabetes

White Bread vs. Brown Bread

There are a lot of differences between white bread and brown bread. Among them, here are some of the important comparisons between white bread vs brown bread:

White Bread vs. Brown Bread
White Bread vs. Brown Bread
  • Brown bread is prepared from bran, endosperm, or germ of the grains of wheat whereas, white bread is only prepared from the wheat grains’ endosperms. 
  • White bread is white whereas brown bread is brown. 
  • In the preparation of brown bread, the wheat grains have not undergone any process of expulsion of the bran or germ. However, in the preparation of white bread, refined wheat flour is used which is attained after undergoing a method of the expulsion of the bran or germ from the wheat. 
  • The bran in brown bread makes it slightly harder than the white bread.
  • White bread is obtained after undergoing a lot of processes. However, this is not applicable in the case of brown bread. Also, white bread generally encompasses starch in it. 
  • Brown bread naturally comprises plenty of nutrients and so no extra vitamins and minerals are required to add to it. However, white bread is not naturally nutritious so it is made more nutritious by adding essential vitamins and minerals to it.

FAQ on Health Benefits of Brown Bread

1. What are the side effects of brown bread?

Ans. The side effects of brown bread include:
Eating Brown bread may cause extreme stomach pain, gas, gastrointestinal issues, bloating, etc. 
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) patients may find it difficult to tolerate because of the presence of Fructans in it.

2. Can I Eat Brown Bread Every Day?

Ans. Of course, you can have brown bread regularly unless you overconsume it. Only 4 – 4.5 brown bread slices must be consumed per day and not more than that. It will produce no harm or side effects to bread-eating people and keep them healthy. This choice for people is healthy because of the different types of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients available in it. 

3. Is brown bread sugar-free?

Ans. No, brown bread is not sugar-free. However, it comprises less quantity of sugar. Thus, brown bread is usually used to combat diabetes. 

4. Can diabetics eat brown bread?

Ans. Yes, diabetic people can, without any doubt, eat brown bread because it comprises a lot of fiber and whole grains necessary to control the level of diabetes. Whole grain food products comprise a low glycemic index, which helps maintain diabetes.

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