7 Day Powerful Tips for a Healthy Hair Care Routine!

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Having good and healthy hair is a real asset that you should always cherish. Your hair in perfect shape decides your mood and brings confidence in you. However, many of us are clueless and follow the wrong way in nourishing hair. Not only treating frizzy damaged hair to bring shine is aesthetic but also the need of the hour. This article will act as a guide to the hair care routine for one week straight and you may likely find it helpful for your hair growth. 

Daily Requirements For Hair Care 

Certain hair care requirements remain constant daily. It is from there that you are expected to take the baby step toward your Smooth parlor-like hair journey. 

  • Oil messaging to cut off dandruff and prevent scalp infections. 
  • Conditioning using a conditioner for three to five minutes straight. 
  • The hair mask is also believed to help repair hair damage. Hair masks have the upper hand over conditioners because of their hydrating quality. 
  • Hair serum also restores damaged hair and is enriched with active ingredients. 
  • A leave-in conditioner is a must to shield against harsh environmental exposure or pollutants. 

One Week or 7-Day Hair Care Routine 

The one-week or 7 day hair care routine will complete the whole sustenance you require from Monday to the weekend. Let’s see what are they: 

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One Week or 7-Day Hair Care Routine 
One Week or 7-Day Hair Care Routine 

Monday: The Defensive Day 

The start of the week is indeed boring and unsatisfying for us all. We assume that you will stay busy during the workday, therefore for Monday we don’t have prepared many hair plans. This Monday will be a defensive hair day from the scorching heat. Try to make your hair look good by following a heatless hairstyle that also will match the hair texture naturally. 

Try making a simple bun or fishtail hair to avoid direct exposure. If the weather is permissible you may also wear a scarf to prevent heat damage. 

Night Care: Your hair needs to stay hydrated during the nighttime so, don’t miss the oil message or serum while you go to bed. Here, we suggest applying Moroccan oil or coconut oil to aid the cuticle giving a protective layer to the damaged hair. For oily hair types, nongreasy hair oils like rose or almond oil are useful. 

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Tuesday: Grease Treatment Day 

Since, on the previous day, you applied oil or serum, therefore, you may feel greasy after waking up in the morning. For dry hair types that won’t be a problem because the oil inside the hair roots would balance the dehydrating nature. You can anytime use a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil. Back to the basics, don’t forget to cover Beatles hairstyles while you leave for the office. Remember: Don’t tie your hair tightly otherwise, it may leave a bad strain on your hair. 

Night Care: If your hair is not feeling that oily then continue the oil or serum message. In case you think that your hair is bothering you with its stickiness then it’s time to wash your hair. However, we suggest less shampoo for your hair as it would consume the rooted moisture. 

Made your mind about shampooing at night? Then use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Post shampooing, don’t tie your hair as the dry scalp gets further dry when hairstyled. Post suggestion: Don’t leave your hair wet while you go to bed as it would lead to hair fall. 

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Wednesday: No Split Ends Day 

Now you are almost at the midweek of your 7-day hair care routine. So, it’s the perfect time to say no to split ends. Have time before leaving for work to dust off the split ends. The presence of split ends is a very good example of hair damage. You should immediately dust off the split ends otherwise split ends will further split the hair shaft. Prevent this from happening or you have to intensely pay for the losses. 

For damaged hair or extensions, brushing your hair with a loop brush is recommended. You can also go with a haircut if you are ready to sacrifice the hair length. Otherwise, dusting comes as an excellent way where you can simply cut off the ends of the split ends. 

Night Care: At night air dry the hair, so the moisture is retained with minimal heat damage. If your hair fails to dry naturally, you can also use a diffuser with the lowest heat setting. Take extra care of hair burning. 

Thursday: The Scalp Treatment 

It’s the fourth day and the middle part of the weekly hair care routine. During the daytime stick to the usual routine of following gentle styling methods. For curly or wavy hair types, you can use a leave-in conditioner to assist in minimizing the frizz. In the case of straight hair, you can maintain a smooth hair texture with a flat iron. It’s natural to be apprehensive about heat damage while using a flat iron, protect the hair with a heat protectant spray. 

Night Care: At nighttime, scalp treatment becomes a necessity. So, wash your hair and exfoliate that region. A good scalp will boost hair growth and improve its health. Add a scalp massager to the list or a shampoo + scrub product. Scalp massage helps in exfoliating hair growth and prevents any kind of buildup. A gentle scalp massage in a week is healthy because it enhances the chances of blood flow to the hair follicles. 

In this way, the chances of hair growth add up and lead to a way more voluminous outcome.

Friday: Some Heat Protectant Measures

From the fifth day onwards, you can think about proper hair styling. But before styling the hair with heating tools, you should all propped up with heat protectant measures. Try applying Vitamin E Pro lightweight heat protection spray. Using a lightweight spray won’t let the strands weigh down. Once you style the hair for instance using a straightener, wait before pinning the hair. Waiting for a few minutes would keep the style intact for the weekend. 

Night Care: At night you may make the effort to bring a lustrous effect to the hair. For that add a serum to the hair care routine. For rough or frizzy hair look for oil that contains essentials or extracts of jojoba or argan oil. For fine or greasy hair choose light serum to prevent stickiness. 

Saturday: Lesser Wash Day 

Saturdays are believed to be the stepping stone to all your weekend fun. So, unlike what you usually do, here’s a twist. Try to wash the hair loss and instead be patient so that the natural oil starts protecting the strands. We understand that for oily hair types, it would be a tough call, so in that case, you can use a dry shampoo. Why dry shampoo because it soaks the excess to the roots. 

Night Care: At night don’t miss out on massaging with serum oil. It will replace the lost hair moisture you lost the previous day while using the hair styling tool. The hair serum or moisture will restore the lost moisture. 

Sunday: Ending the Nourishment With A Good Note 

Ending the 7-day routine on the weekend would give you enough time for your hair to return to its healthiness. You can start a fresh week in that way. End the nourishment process with a deeply enriched hair mask to restore the hair mask. Ensure that you include those hair masks that contain argan oil, Vitamin B and E, rosehip, and other natural extracts. Applying nourishing hair won’t lead to hair breakage. 

Night Care: Using the best shampoo and conditioner for hair wash washing prevents the chances of damaged hair. Before going to bed make sure to blow dry your hair. Wet hair will cause further hair rupture. You may keep the blow dryer in a low to medium heat setting to resist the possibility of hair fall. 

It’s Repeat Time 

Remember, that the 7-day hair care routine will remain tentative unless you have the patience to continue it every week. Back on Monday, after hair wash day it’s important to again oil massage and keep your scalp stay hydrated. 

Hair Care Routine Tips for Different Hair Types 

You can’t follow a generic hair care routine for all hair types. The way greasiness will affect curly hair won’t be the same for straight hair types. Here are some essential tips for different hair types- 

  1. For Coily Hair 

The kinky or oily hair usually gets quickly dry because of the tight curls. For those hair types using mild-sulfate-free shampoo would prevent dryness. Every 3 days, co-wash your hair using a conditioner. Some tips to follow:

  • Use a serum or deep conditioning to make your hair stay hydrated. Once the nutrients are accessible to the roots, they resist dryness or frizziness. 
  • Carry a moisturizing spray on your bag and keep your locks hydrated and bouncy. 
  • To prevent hair-tearing or breakage, try to detangle the hair when you are in the shower. 
  • To end the dryness, apply oil for half an hour before washing the hair with shampoo. 
  1. For Straight Hair 

Unlike what we presume most of the time, straight hair is not always easily manageable. The chances of greasiness are more likely for straight hair than other types. To remove oil or dirt, adhere to the sulfate-free shampoo. 

  • Instead of using a leave-in conditioner, you are recommended to apply a light conditioner. Otherwise, your hair may feel too heavy to style. 
  • Use a conditioner with ingredients like jojoba or coconut oil. It won’t make your hair feel heavy. 
  • Less dense straight hair would appear too flat after combing. So for them applying a volumizing mousse won’t make them look flat at the roots. 
  1. For Wavy Hair Type 

Wavy hair types are the ideal ones because it’s in no way similar to curly or straight flat hair. You don’t even have to hair wash often because the hair is likely to stay dry naturally. Here are some easy tips to follow 

  • Massage the scalp with oil before washing the hair to keep it hydrated. Nourish the hair with oil half an hour early for positive results. 
  • Wavy hair is inclined to get drier than straight hair types, therefore, some oiling will keep the hair shaft and ends nourished. 
  • To make your waves look extra prominent, how about trying out a leave-in shampoo? 
  1. For Curly Hair 

Even though curly hair gives a funky look in reality maintaining curls is too stressful. Curly hair gets easily dry and all tangled up. Apply a sulfate-free shampoo contacting the scalp. Shampoos when applied to scalps have the chance of removing essential moisture or oil making your hair more dry and frizzy. 

  • Emphasize more conditioning than shampooing. For more moisture to the hair apply a few drops of essential oil on your roots. 
  • . Start detangling your hair itself while in the shower. This would prevent the hair from expected hair loss. 
  • To make the curls stay in shape apply a curl-defining cream. 

Good Hair Days! 

The seven-day hair care routine is the much-needed light treatment that everyone should practice to prevent rapid hair fall or damage. The above-detailed seven-day treatment is a repetitive one and should not be skipped after one week of practice. Also, during bedtime sleep over silky pillow covers otherwise, the rough surroundings would make your hair rough and dry. Use organic hair products and be ready to flaunt the natural smooth voluminous hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 7-Day Haircare Routine 

Q. What is the correct hair care routine?

Answer- The correct hair care routine is using natural haircare products on your hair at the correct time and the appropriate amount. While for the working days apply oil to nourish the hair and at weekends wash your hair to stay free from grease, dirt, and pollutants. 

Q. What is the daily routine for hair growth?

Answer- Daily, it is believed that scalp massaging with oil is good for hair growth. Daily scalp massaging exfoliates the region which boosts hair growth. Gentle scalp massages also ease the blood flow to the hair follicles.

Q. How do I take care of my hair daily?

Answer- Avoid hair washing daily and instead use light hair oil or conditioner for hair nourishment. Also, don’t tie your hair rigidly as it leaves chances for hair strains. 

Q. What should I apply to my hair daily?

Answer- Applying hair serum from natural extracts like jojoba oil or coconut oil and essential properties like vital B and E will promote healthy hair growth. 

Q. How to improve hair quality?

Answer- To improve hair quality adhere to the seven-day hair care routine. Avoid direct heat exposure to the hair to prevent your hair from losing its natural texture. 

Q. Which oil is best for hair?

Answer- To have good quality hair use natural oils like jojoba or coconut oil. You can also apply almond oil if you have dry hair types. 


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