Best 10 Ice Cream Near Me With Pricing

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When life gets tough, finding your own space with one or two scoops of ice cream is better. We don’t know how but ice cream does have the potential of pumping up someone sad. Guess what! You need to know the best ice cream shop near you to let you serve the best. In this article, we have tried to make an easier list of your all-time favorite ice cream places. 

Best ice cream shops near me
Best ice cream shops near me

So, next time you don’t have to bother finding the best ice cream near me as all of those places are summed up in a single article.

Best 10 Ice Cream Near Me With Pricing

Best place for ice cream in USA
Best place for ice cream in the USA

Below are the Top 10 ice cream places near me:

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1. Gelati and Peccati

If you want something more than just the ice cream and find the best ice cream near me in terms of fanciness then, Gelati and Peccati is for you. Located down the San Diego is known basically for can’t ice cream. The place is not only known for ice cream but also sells the finest Italian pizzas. High-quality ingredients are used in making pizza and Gelato products here.

What’s New:

There are twenty fixed types of ice cream they serve all year long. However, other than that you can also get some seasonal amusements when you visit the place during certain times of the year. Flavors like hazelnut, and honey lavender, and vegan types like lemon basil, strawberries, mango, and strawberry are served for all seasons.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the meal type, flavor, or other customization options you have chosen. Certain basic flavors would start from $3.5 onwards.

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2. Baskin-Robbins

You may be located in any of the major cities across the world, search for Baskin-Robbin’s best ice cream near me and you will get what you need. Originally, it was a multinational ice cream chain run by Inspire Brands. 

The largest ice cream chain has opened more than 8000 locations worldwide. They sell products like frozen beverages, frozen treats, and ice cream cakes.

ice cream places near me
ice cream places near me

What’s new:

It would be easier to say what’s not new about the place. Their famous slogan 31 flavors tells the story of bringing about each distinct flavor all month long. So, just search for ice cream near me, and Baskin-Robbins will bring different flavors with each passing day.

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Some of the US-based popular flavors include Sherbet, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, cherries Jubilee, and white chocolate ice cream.

Pricing: the smaller soft serve below the ice cream menu starts from as low as $2.19 to large soft serve below ranges between $5.00-$7.00. The waffle bowl is the lowest at $0.99 and packed quart packs are the highest at $7.99 or more.

3. Eggloo

Finding the ice cream places near me especially becomes tough when you are looking for something more than one scoop of frozen delight. Eggloo knows how to satisfy your sweet teeth with its grand variety of ice cream types. 

Unlike the classic waffle styles, they have their take on the waffle cone. Waffles will be offered in fluffy Hong Kong style where delightful flavors like strawberry, money choco chip, and cookies will be served.

What’s New:

You can also customize your needs by picking anything like a chocolate-filled scoop or gee tea ice cream paired with waffles. Colorful toppings like fruity pebbles, matcha drizzle, or picky mochi should be something you definitely can miss.

Pricing: Before looking for Eggloo ice cream near me just check out their pricing.

  • You can order their chocolate waffle and pancake mix from the website for $27.99
  • The Assorted mix including matcha, chocolate, and classic is available at $27.99
  • Egg Waffle Home kit at $70.

Check their website to have more such deals.

4. Dreyer’s or Edy’s

Dreyer’s Ice Cream has its headquarters in Oakland and was originally founded by William Dreyer and Joseph Edy. Nestle by the beginning of 2000 had acquired Dreyer’s. Originally the ice cream shop would sell homemade candies and ice cream. But once, once the ice cream company was acquired by Nestle certain economic changes were noticed.

What’s New:

If you are anywhere near Oakland California, you can search for Dreyer’s ice cream parlors near me. The most beloved flavor Rocky Road was introduced by the Dreyers for the first time. Since then they are known for serving Americans lighter and slow-churned ice creams. Mark it as your favorite if you stay near their parlor location.

Pricing: To order the standard Dreyer’s ice cream bucket, you at least have to spend $4.84 or more. In the given range of flavors like double fudge brownie, mint chocolate chip, mocha almond will be available.

5. Häagen-Dazs

When you search for ice cream parlors near me, Häagen-Dazs will appear as the flourishing American ice cream brand. The international brand initially started with only three flavors which are vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. 

But today Häagen-Dazs is widely serving customers with sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, and ice cream cakes. Worldwide, they are opened with more than 900 locations.

What’s new:

The ice cream company mainly tries to retain its traditional esoteric flavors like vanilla swiss almond and banana foster. Other than egg yolks their desserts are free from emulsifiers or stabilizers.

Pricing: packaged ice creams would cost approximately $4.5-$12.00 while smoothies like a raspberry smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie, and others range between $7.5-$10.00.

6. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s once opened as a single ice cream parlor but soon became known as a multi-national brand for frozen desserts and ice cream. They became famous primarily because of their rich original flavor without any artificial add-ons. 

Those original flavorings are incorporated within the desserts and blended with ice creams. To engage more customers, many of their ice cream flavors are named after public figures like Stephen Colbert, Jerry Garcia, Phish, etc.

What’s new:

Their original flavors are available in ice cream pints, and lights! caramel! action! Pint slices, cookie dough chunks, nondairy pints, topped, and core pints. If you are searching for vegan ice cream near me, then don’t bother much and order from Ben and Jerry’s parlor.

Pricing: The main reason behind their popularity is also the reason for their expense. Only search for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shops near me if you are ready to pay their hefty charges. Even the smaller ice cream cones or cups would cost nearly $3.50 or more.

7. Afters Ice Cream

When you look for ice cream near me, Afters ice cream is another exotic brand you can’t miss. Not only has it proved appealing through its flavoring but also for its packaging. Their iconic vegan milky bun was soon incorporated into the scoop shops. Those who are complete vegans can satisfy their appetite with flavors like chocolate chip cookies and mango sorbet.

What’s new:

As their website claims, their menu is constantly evolving so stay in touch with them to taste the best! Our top picks are birthday cakes available in the form of rainbow sprinkles, sugar cookies, etc; cookie monster; dark matter brownie batter, milk and cereal, and mint monster.

Pricing: the ice cream prices would vary between $4 for a smaller scoop to $8 for larger scoops. Flavors, sprinkles, and other add-ons also decide the price.

8. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery works as a global ice cream parlor chain and is famous for its even less than 15% butterfat infusion. Operating in more than 20 countries the ice cream parlor has expanded its menu by including ice cream cakes, cookies, sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, and pies. They offer diverse ice cream choices.

What’s new:

Irrespective of the flavors and types of frozen desserts you chose, ice cream is available in four main sizes: kids size (85 grams) like it, size (140 grams) love it, size (230 grams) and gotta have it (340 grams). 

Cool ice cream varieties like banana ice cream, classic cookie ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, watermelon sorbet, oreo ice cream, and fudge truffle ice cream are found.

Pricing: It’s important to know the pricing before searching for Cold Stone Creamery ice cream near me. Pricing varies with the sizes while they like its size starting from $5.29 the larger gotta-have price would range between $6.9 – $7.0.

9. Dairy Queen

When you look for ice cream places near me we bet that you also look for other fast food items served with it. You can visit Dairy Queen parlors to have the taste of both desserts and fast food at the same time. 

Globally there are more than 6,800 locations of dairy queens and over 4000 food centers alone in the USA. Considering their ever-increasing customer size, they also have included malts, milkshakes, and dilly bars in their menu.

What’s new:

Dairy Queen blizzards are the most bought desserts worldwide. The popular M&M blizzard keeps M&M intact with the other part easily being crunched up. 

Some of the other most sold blizzards would include chocolate extreme blizzards, Almond mocha, Green tea almond blizzards, strawberry choco cheeks blizzards, Kit Kat blizzards, and more.

Pricing: While the small cupped blizzards would cost $5.50 or more the large blizzard buckets price nearly $7.50 or more.

10. Van Leeuwen

Look for vegan ice cream near me from major US-based locations like New Jersey, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania and you will get what you crave. Even though their flavors would vary based on the season, they guarantee high-quality flavored flavors in rotation.

What’s new:

At most times of the year, they pleasantly surprise their customers with amazing offers. The offers are such that no one can miss them. Like, when you order a double scoop of oat brownie sundae and creamy cookie caramel you will get vegan-friendly whipped cream or choco fudge.

Pricing: Given that Van Leewan mainly serves vegan ice creams their prices are also a bit higher. For a regular ice cream scoop, you at least have to pay $5.50 to enjoy what they serve.

ice cream places near me
ice cream places near me

Delight with Each Scoop!

Finding the best ice cream near me is extremely difficult when so many incredible options are available. Still, we will suggest regularly checking their pricing and offers to snatch the best deal from them. The charges vary with each season so you better check before ordering them.

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