10 Best Pizza Places Near Me to Satisfy Your Hunger

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When someone asks us how heaven feels like, it is undoubtedly not better than a slice of cheesy hot Pizza. The toppings and the oozing tomato sauce make the inner soul scream out. Some great pizza chains work internationally, but you can always have them delivered by searching Pizza near me on your web browser. So, without delay, let’s explore some of the best pizza places near me and check out inns. 

pizza places near me
pizza places near me

10 Best Pizza Places Near Me

1. Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut brought the legacy of the ’50s and was originally founded by Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas. What distinguishes the global franchise from other pizza hubs is its sizzling pan pizza and other meals like breadsticks, pan Pizza, and yummy desserts. The international franchise serves via different dine-in, delivery chains, and checkout locations.

As last recorded in the 2020s, the global pizza hub has over 18,703 restaurants. Across national boundaries. The International presence of Pizza Hut can be felt under the Yum brands in North American states like Canada and Mexico and Asia, including India, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Egypt, etc. search. 

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What To Order? 

While searching for Pizza Hut Pizza near me, I found that their top products include pizza fries, Italian tacos, pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks, etc. Try out the ultimate cheese lover’s Pizza, BBQ bacon cheeseburger pizza, chicken supreme pizza, Hawaiian Luau Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, or Mozzarella Stuffed Crust Pizza from them. 

2. Domino’s Pizza 

Domino Pizza, a US-based multinational pizza restaurant chain, was established in the 1960s in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They provide food delivery services, and their menu would vary region-wise. 

So, if you are from any US city, then the menu won’t be the same as any outlet in New Delhi, India. Their main dish always remains pizzas, and then you can expect customized pizzas from them. 

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Finding Domino’s next to your doorstep is super easy; just search for pizza places near me, and guess what! Dominos would always pop out as the most popular place. 

What To Order? 

Their most ordered products would include pizzas ( both traditional and customized), pasta, submarine sandwiches, chicken wings, and chocolate desserts and cake. 

The top rated best Domino’s pizzas are the Extravaganzza feast pizza, Memphis BBQ chicken pizza, Honolulu Hawaiian pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, Domino’s deluxe, and Spinach and Feta Pizza. 

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3. Marco’s Pizza 

Marco’s Pizza is an Italian American-based cuisine and also a part of the American restaurant chain and Ohio-based interstate franchise. Starr Avenue has witnessed the flourishing legacy of Marco’s Pizza since its foundation by Pat Giammarco in 1978. 

Currently, there are more than 1000 locations of the pizza place. So, if you search for pizza near me, Marco’s Pizza may serve you directly at your home address. 

What To Order? 

The popular pizza menus would include cheezy white pizzas (which were awarded in a gourmet competition in California), CinnaSquares, Subs, wings, and Cheezy bread. Most checkout dishes include- meat pizza, Italiano sub, veggie sub, Chicken Bacon onion calzone, Caesar salad chicken, Deluxe Pizza, and Italian Chef Salad. 

4. Round Table Pizza 

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Round Table Pizza is among the pizza parlors in the Western United States. The pizza parlor has over 400 locations, so immediately check out the Round Table Pizza places near me on your search engine. 

The founder of the global pizza parlor was William R Larson, who worked in collaboration with the parent organ of FAT brands. You can have pizzas from Round Table Pizza Restaurants or can enjoy the pizza slices in the Round Table clubhouse or pub plays. 

What To Order? 

Top meals would include cheesy pizzas, salads, and chicken wings. Order them with beverages or coke to indulge in the meal. The original Pizza from the popular place is the most famous. That comprises the original Montague’s All-meat. 

Marvel pizza, hearty Bacon supreme pizza; Wombo Combo pizza; Maui Zaui with Pepperoni and Ham Pizza; Hawaiian Pizza; the Smokehouse Combo contains grilled pizzas. 

5. Little Caesars 

You can’t go wrong when you order Pizza near me from Little Caesars, Michigan, United States. Founded 63 years ago in May 1958, the pizza franchise is popular internationally in North American, Asian, Latin American, and African regions. 

Their pizzas are known for affordability and all the extra toppings they place above the pizzas. Their catchphrase is Pizza! Pizza! It gives a hint that their two pizzas would cost the same as single pizzas from the competitors. 

The pizzas available in their Hot N Ready menu remain the core popular menus while other options like customized pizzas are also available. 

What To Order? 

You can get served the Detroit-style deep dish, large pizzas, or side dishes like chicken wings, breadsticks, or beverages like Mountain Dew or Coke. 

6. Peter Piper Pizza 

Not all popular pizza places have multiple outlets, but their pizza dishes are indeed special. If you are from the United States, search for Peter Piper Pizza near me to get the best deal.

Many include a wider variety of options and send additions like salads. Peter Piper Pizza is chiefly based in Arizona, US, but also has over 100 outlets in California, New Mexico, and Texas. 

Though the pizza ranges are indeed expensive, they are a perfect choice for a weekend afternoon spent with family. Know about the most ordered menus below. 

What To Order? 

From them, order Chicken Alfredo; the Werx; five meat supreme pizzas ( includes beef, ham, sausage, bacon, and pepperoni); cheese pizza, etc. Deserts would include cinnamon crunch and strawberry crunch. Our top picks include Caesar salads, side salads, and chopped house salads. 

7. Papa John’s 

If you are from the United States or any region, you must often have ordered from Papa John’s restaurant chain more than once. They are the fourth-largest pizza delivery chain and the largest restaurant chain in the USA. Based in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, the food chain giant was founded by John Schnatter. 

The global popularity of the place can be felt across 49 countries with over 5500 locations. The restaurant chain delivers some of the best uncompromisable pizza delicacies that no one can ever afford to miss. 

What To Order? 

Some of the definite checkouts when you order from Papa John’s pizza places near me are the Cheese pizzas, spicy Italian pizzas, BBQ chicken bacon pizzas, paper garden salad, the meats pizzas, Tuscany six cheese pizzas, garden fresh pizza, cinnamon pull parts, and cinnamon pull apart. 

8. Jet’s Pizza 

Jet’s Pizza was primarily opened in Michigan, US, in 1978 and spread over 400 prime locations worldwide. So, if you belong to Asian, North American, or Latin American areas, search for pizza places near me; you may probably find a Jets pizza outlet adjacent to your location. 

What makes Jets Pizza unique from its competitors in the market is its availability of various options. You can order anything from Detroit-style deep dishes to thin NY-style pizzas. 

The ingredients they use in preparing the Italian dish can be purely gluten-free. You can also find square-shaped deep-dish pizzas, which are interesting both in taste and look. 

What To Order? 

When ordered from Jet’s Pizza, give it a chance to boneless chicken items like BBQ plain, sweet red chili, or mild got pieces, cinnamon stix, Eugene supreme, BBQ chicken pizza, Buffalo ranch chicken pizza, or triple cheese turbo stix. 

9. Mellow Mushroom 

When you feel bored with regular Pizza Hut or Domino pizzas, mellow mushrooms might come to your list. Their specialty lies in their crust and seasonings since their establishment in 1974 as a single pizzeria. 

Mellow Mushroom is primarily an American Pizza restaurant with over 150 locations ( search for Mellow Mushroom pizza places near me to check out their availability). 

They have diverse varieties of pizzas, toppings, and chart beer, sandwiches, or salads. The popularity of the American pizza hub can be released due to its unbromated, unbleached wheat flour, high protein variations, and use of refined white sugar. 

What To Order? 

They recently added pizzas, including bacon blue wedge, cloud 9 wings, and white bean chili. Gluten-free pizza meals such as gluten-free veg out, gluten-free Pizza, gluten-free brownies, and gluten-free cosmic karma are also served. 

Have sandwiches including avocado hoagie, Italian hoagie, meatball hoagie, and more. Enjoy beverages like iced peach tea, pineapple, and coconut cocktails. 

10. Godfather’s Pizza 

Belonging to the fast food industry, Godfather’s Pizza has its headquarters in Nebraska, USA. Served in more than 440 locations, the pizza parlor was founded by Willy Theisen in 1973. 

There, you can expect a wide variety of breadsticks, pizzas, cookies, salad bar, and buffet. Godfather’s Pizza differentiates its pizzas from others in terms of their versatile crust options like original, golden, thin, and Mozza-loaded ones. Rice flour or gluten-free pizzas are also present on their menus. 

What To Order? 

Diverse Italian, Sandwich, and Salad options are available. Chicken pies, including Chicken Royale (a blend of grilled chicken, garlic, and red onions); BBQ Chicken; Buffalo Chicken; and Chicken Bacon Ranch pizzas, are out there. 

You can also order from their all-meat combos, such as the bacon cheeseburger, hot stuff, taco pie, Hawaiian or Veggie pie. If not enough, you can create your own Pizza, including mini pizzas (4 slices), medium or large pizzas ( 8 or 10 slices), or gluten-free cheese pizzas. 

Stop Drooling, Start Eating! 

Now you know about the best “pizza near me” restaurants, what’s stopping you from ordering immediately? While most of the shared pizza places above are spread internationally in diverse regions, few may be found exclusively near the USA. Many pizza restaurants also offer special deals to their regular customers. So, make sure to take advantage of the extravagant pizzas when you get them at much more affordable rates. 

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