Mountain Dew nutrition facts and ingredients: 7 facts

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Everyone should pay attention to the nutrition facts label of the product that they are about to consume. Before discussing the nutrition facts and ingredients of our favorite soft drink, Mountain Dew. 

Let’s see why paying attention to Mountain Dew nutrition facts is essential: Everyone should pay attention to the nutrition facts label of the product that they are about to consume. Before discussing the nutrition facts and ingredients of our favorite soft drink, Mountain Dew. Let’s understand the importance of nutrition facts.

Mountain Dew nutrition facts and ingredients_ 7 mind-blowing facts
Mountain Dew nutrition facts and ingredients_ 7 mind-blowing facts

By keeping an eye on the number of calories the product has to offer, we can maintain a balanced energy level in our body. We all know that most of our favorite food or beverage has high fat content which equals a high energy level. Although, Mountain Dew has 0% fat content in it. We will get into the details later on. With the help of nutrition facts, we can choose between products that will provide us with balanced nutrients with better taste. Thus, the main importance of nutrition facts is to help us choose products that complement our pattern of energy intake. 

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Now that we have cleared up the importance of nutrition facts, let’s focus on the Mountain Dew nutrition facts.

Mountain Dew Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 can (12oz)
Amount Per ServingCalories170
% Daily Values*
Total Fat 0.00g0%
Saturated Fat 0.000g
Trans Fat 0.000g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.000g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.000g
Cholesterol 0%0%
Sodium 65mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 46.00g17%
Dietary Fiber 0.0g0%
Sugars 46.00g
Includes 46.00g Added Sugars92%
Protein 0.00g
Vitamin D –
Calcium –
Iron –
Potassium –
*Mountain Dew Nutrition Facts


Mountain Dew nutrition facts and ingredients
Mountain Dew nutrition facts and ingredients

In the above table, we can see the nutrients and ingredients used in the making process of Mountain Dew. With the help of this, we can discuss the effects of these nutrients on our body in depth. So, let’s get started.

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Mountain Dew nutrition fact Serving Size and calorie content : 

One of the most important things in a nutrition facts label is the serving size of that particular packet. With the help of serving size, we can easily get detailed information about the nutritional content per serving. This can help us know the number of calories a person will consume per serving, thus helping maintain a balanced intake of calories. When it comes to Mountain Dew nutrition facts, we can see that it has a serving size of one can which is equivalent to 12oz, and calorie intake per serving is 170 calories.

Mountain Dew nutrition fact Calorie :

In simple words, we can say that calorie is nothing but a means of measurement through which the energy content of foods and beverages is measured. With the help of this energy, you can move your body, think, and grow. It also helps in the breaking down of food molecules. Keeping an eye on your calorie intake can help people maintain their body weight because excess calories result in weight gain. As we can see from Mountain Dew nutrition facts, the amount of calories per serving that this soft drink offers is 170 calories. 

Mountain Dew nutrition fact Source of the calorie :

Checking the source of the calorie is crucial for some people because everyone has their nutrient requirements. Some people prefer calories from protein and not from fat or carbohydrates and vice-versa. While looking at Mountain Dew nutrition facts we can see that the main source of calories is carbohydrates and sugar.

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Mountain Dew nutrition fact Added Sugar Content :

In Mountain Dew the amount of sugar content is 46g and from ingredients, we can see that added sugar is high fructose corn syrup which has a content of 46g. High sugar content means a high-calorie level which results in high energy content. So, if someone needs a boost of energy they can easily opt for Mountain Dew. 

Mountain Dew nutrition fact Type of fat present :

We all have heard that saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol are unhealthy for our body and it is true, that these types of fats are not good for us they increase the chances of heart disease. Food items that have 20% or more content of these kinds of fats are considered to be high-fat-containing food. In Mountain Dew, the contribution of saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol is zero which is good news for people who love to drink Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew nutrition fact low sodium content :

Looking at the Mountain Dew nutrition facts we can see that the sodium content of this delicious fluorescent-colored soft drink is 65mg which is low. So people can enjoy this soft drink and can get a boost of energy as well.

A tad bit of background information on Mountain Dew

We all know that Mountain Dew was not an original product of the Pepsi-Cola company. Before the Pepsi-Cola company bought Mountain Dew in 1964, this tasty soft drink belonged to two scientists named Barney and Ally Hartman. These two scientists were experimenting with ingredients to make a cure for diseases when they accidentally made Mountain Dew. These two scientists thought their experiment had failed but then they discovered Mountain Dew nutrition facts and benefits. 

A tad bit of background information on Mountain Dew
A tad bit of background information on Mountain Dew

They decided to give a taste of this drink to their friends and soon more and more people wanted to try Barney and Ally’s sweet drug. However, not everyone believed that it was a drug so Barney and Ally decided to market their drug as a soft drink. In this way, these two scientists got into the business of marketing beverages.

7 mind-blowing facts about Mountain Dew that you didn’t know:

1. This neon green colored tasty soft drink initially had more caffeine than it has now:

If PepsiCo producers had stuck with their initial formula of Mountain Dew, we would have noticed an increased amount of caffeine than we today see in the Mountain Dew nutrition facts. This was done because of the crystallization of the drink within the glass which could have caused the glass bottle to burst.  

2. This citric-tasting soft drink was initially developed as a mixer for whiskey: 

As shocking as it sounds, it is true that Mountain Dew was initially developed as a mixer for whiskey. Barney and Ally wanted to create a mixer that would enhance the taste of whiskey. Their version of ”Mountain Dew” which was a nickname for moonshine didn’t have any caffeine in it. 

3. The Great Depression had a big role in the development of fluorescent-colored drinks: 

Barney and Ally had originally planned that they would be an orange soda manufacturer. Initially, Barney and Ally were included in the group that began the bottling of Orange Crush in the city of Augusta, Georgia. In those days, Orange Crush was a big hit in the industry of soda but during the Great Depression, their plant in Augusta was gravely affected by it and this led the business to be declared bankrupt in 1932. After this, the two brothers moved to Knoxville which is a city in Tennessee and there they joined the other branch of Orange Crush. If they had worked according to their original plan, we would have never witnessed the birth of fluorescent-colored Mountain Dew.           

4. The taste of the original Mountain Dew was way different than what we drink today: 

Imagine mixing Mountain Dew with your favorite brand of whiskey. If this combination grosses you out then you would be thrilled to know that the original taste of Mountain Dew was somewhat similar to today’s Sprite. This taste of Mountain Dew never really found its place in the area of the beverage market. Later it was revealed by Ally Hartman’s son that the reason behind the selling of the Mountain Dew brand to Tip Corporation was that when he was 19 years old, he turned the buying deal of the brand which was priced at $1500.  

5. After Mountain Dew was bought by PepsiCo, it became way different than it originally was: 

Today when we look at Mountain Dew, we relate it to teenagers. This association of Mountain Dew with teenagers is the work of PepsiCo. When PepsiCo bought Mountain Dew they changed their marketing strategy and aimed their main focus on our younger generation. If we glance at the Mountain Dew nutrition facts we would see it has 290 calories which gives a boost of energy that our younger generation requires. 

6. When it comes to caffeine, Mountain Dew has a lot of it when compared to other sodas: 

Looking at today’s Mountain Dew nutrition facts we can verify that the amount of caffeine has been increased and this addition of caffeine in Mountain Dew took place during its transition from being a whiskey mixer to a stand-alone soda. When compared to Pepsi and Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew has way more caffeine in it. 

7. It is true that drinking too much Mountain Dew can cause cavities: 

PepsiCo asked the dentists in Eastern Kentucky to help them and make an effort to stop cavities in children. If we look at the Mountain Dew nutrition fact then we can see it contains too much sugar and this was the reason why children were getting cavities. Despite this cavity problem we still love it.

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