Exercise Bike vs. Treadmill Benefit: Lose Weight Effectively

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This post on the benefits of exercise bikes versus treadmills will give information regarding their pros and cons, losing weight & belly fat, etc.

Today’s generation is facing weight issues due to poor routines and eating habits. However, people are now concerned about their health, so they opt for various kinds of fitness equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, etc. Here in this post, we have written all the details about the benefits of exercise bikes versus treadmills.

It is very important to set fitness goals and opt for the best diet for health, and it is also very important to choose the right exercise equipment.

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Exercise Bike vs. Treadmill
Exercise Bike vs. Treadmill

Each fitness equipment has its upsides and downsides. If we talk about exercise bikes versus treadmills, you will get to know their benefits and negative aspects.

An exercise bike isn’t perfect for burning many calories, but it has amazing strengthening benefits. Conversely, a treadmill helps to do intense workouts and will burn more calories during the workout.

Treadmill Versus Exercise Bike Pros and Cons

Treadmill and Exercise bike has their pros and cons. Below we have published exercise bike versus treadmill pros and cons that tell their benefits and disadvantages.

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In this post on the benefits of the treadmill versus the exercise bike, let’s understand the advantages of both equipment.

TreadmillExercise Bike
1. Helps to burn a large number of calories1. Target and strengthen the lower parts of the body
2. Best when weather is not convenient outside2. Best when the weather is not convenient outside
3. High-intensity programs to lose weight3. High resistance mode will tend to strengthen the body
4. Allows you to make variations in incline and speed4. Reduces the chances of injury
*table shows pros of treadmill vs exercise bike


This post on the benefits of treadmill versus exercise bike will now disclose the downsides of both cardio equipment.

TreadmillExercise Bike
1. The chances of getting an injury in joints and knees are high during jogging1. Not the right cardio equipment to lose a high amount of calories
2. Costlier cardio equipment2. Lack of involvement of upper body part
3. Lack of alertness and focus will make you fall or slip from it.3. Sitting for a longer duration will result in severe butt pain
4. Less effective when people hold the handlebars while running4. Effective only when you perform high-intensity workouts on it.
*table shows cons of treadmill vs exercise bike

Treadmill or Exercise Bike for Belly Fat

This post on the benefits of exercise bikes versus treadmills will tell whether a treadmill or exercise bike is good for losing belly fat.

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Losing belly fat all depends upon the mathematics of burning extra calories. The treadmill wins when it comes to losing belly fat as it helps to burn more calories quickly. Exercise bikes, on the other side, won’t burn the right amount of calories to lose belly fat quickly.

Treadmill or Exercise Bike for Belly Fat
Treadmill or Exercise Bike for Belly Fat

However, the American College for Sports Medicine clearly states that HIIT workouts help burn abdominal fat, which is possible on both the exercise bike and treadmill. The latest models of both types of equipment have built-in HIIT training programs in their consoles.

Exercise Bike vs Treadmill for Toning Legs

Everyone desires to have beautifully toned legs. However, this is possible only when you have full control over your body weight. Lowering the body weight for the sake of beautiful toning legs needs exercise. You might be thinking about which will be the best, an exercise bike or vs treadmill for toning legs.

Exercise Bike

The exercise bike’s consistent paddling helps to pressurize the quadriceps muscle. Though the intensity of the stationary bike is less than the treadmill, it’s still the right equipment to target the legs.

Moreover, it is cost-effective and can be done anytime during the whole day. Not only the quadriceps but targets all the muscles of the legs, which gradually toned the legs over some time.


The treadmill is another best piece of equipment for toning legs. People opt treadmill for walking, which targets the calves, hamstrings, and glute muscles. The more you walk or run on the treadmill will result in beautifully toned legs.

However, it is costlier and needs extra alertness while running or walking on it. Old-age people might find themselves uncomfortable in maintaining pace with the treadmill. However, those who are acclimatized to the treadmill nuances can do a HIIT workout on it for the sake of beautiful legs.


If your main goal is to tone the legs only, you should opt for the exercise bike over the treadmill. The prime reason is that it’s cost-effective and safe to use for people of every age group.

Treadmill installation requires a good amount of money and is risky for beginners and old age people. So, if the target is to tone the legs only then, you should opt for an exercise bike.

Is Exercise Bike As Good As Walking?

Riding an exercise bike is better than walking in terms of reducing calories during the same duration of the workout.

As per Harvard Health Publishing, a moderate effort by a 155-pound person on an exercise bike will lose 596 calories within an hour. Alternatively, the same duration of brisk walking by a 155-pound person will burn 298 calories only.

We have concluded exercise bike is far better than walking for burning calories.

What is Better to Lose Weight Treadmill or a Bike?

Let us clarify what is better to lose weight treadmill or exercise bike. In brief, our answer is a treadmill. Now, understand the science behind it.

Working on a treadmill engages whole body parts during the workout. While running on a treadmill, your head to toe is all engaged in maintaining the pace with the treadmill. Cardio workouts performed on a treadmill are more intense as compared to exercise bikes or stationary bikes. Moreover, the only concern on the treadmill is you are more prone to injuries if not perform the workout properly.

What is Better to Lose Weight Treadmill or Bike
What is Better to Lose Weight Treadmill or a Bike

A high-intensity workout on an exercise bike also helps to battle against increasing weight. But exercise bike workout involves the movement of legs only. The minimum engagement of the upper body won’t allow the body to lose as many calories as a workout performed on the treadmill.

However, an exercise bike reduces the chances of injury and is perfect when the primary goal is to tone the legs only.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Exercise Bike vs. Treadmill

Q.1. Is the treadmill or bike better for losing weight?

Ans. If you desire to lose the whole body weight, then a treadmill is way better than an exercise bike for losing weight. A treadmill workout tends to burn more calories because both the upper and lower body are engaged during the workout. An exercise bike is good when your goal is to tone the lower body part only.

Q.2. Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Ans. To lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike, you need to perform a HIIT workout program on it. A moderate or ordinary workout on a stationary bike will disappoint in losing belly fat.

Q.3. Which is better to lose belly fat treadmill or stationary bike?

Ans. A treadmill is better for losing belly fat compared to a stationary bike. The intensity level on a treadmill is higher, which helps cut down more calories and will result in a quick loss of belly fat.

Q.4. Is an exercise bike better than walking?

Ans. The exercise bike is far better than walking because a one-hour moderate workout on an exercise bike is capable enough to burn a higher amount of calories than a brisk walk of one hour.

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Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 3 years of experience in the fitness industry. With a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals, Tyler Posey takes a personalized approach to training, tailoring workouts to each individual's needs and abilities.

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