What are the advantages and disadvantages of food packaging?

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Food packaging has many benefits as well as drawbacks. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bottled foods.

What are the good and bad points of Packed Foods
What are the good and bad points of Packed Foods?

Today, everyone prefers consuming packaged foods often to save time. Whether it is at home or the office, people have become used to consuming packed foods. These days, you will get many foods in glass jars and bottles for long-term use. Bottled and jarred packaged goods are processed to remove bacteria. Apart from that, the foods also stay fresh for a long time. Packaged foods have many benefits as well as drawbacks. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bottled foods.

5 Advantages of food packaging

5 Advantages of food packaging
5 Advantages of food packaging

Packed foods are also known as convenience foods because of the feature of easy use. You get a wide range of boxed packaged goods these days in the market and online stores. These foods have various benefits such as:

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1. Food hygiene

Glass jars save foods from dust, airborne particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. Besides, these glass bottles also extend the life and maintain the taste of foods. Packed foods do not cause stomach-related diseases such as food poisoning, stomach pain, and gas. These foods are prepared under clean conditions by following all safety rules.

2. A good amount of nutrition for the body

Another benefit of canned packaged goods is that they give a large number of nutrients to the body. Apart from that, the packaged goods are also more affordable than frozen foods. People like the taste of canned foods such as fresh fruit juice, oats, and noodles.

3. Increase the shelf life of foods

Packaging increases the shelf life of foods and drinks. It also prevents discoloration of the foods. You will get fresh food even after a long time. Good packages stop air from entering foods and increase their life. Moreover, the package does not let the food spoil or dry out.

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4. Perfect for all seasons

It is good to consume bagged packaged goods in all seasons. They do not spoil or lose their taste because of changes in environmental conditions. Glass jars and bottles protect foods from outside contaminants and bacteria. You can also carry these packaged foods while on family trips and adventure tours.

5. Easy-to-use foods

Packed foods are easy to use. They are good for working people and bachelors who don’t have time to prepare food daily. All you need to do is to consume these foods directly or add water and prepare these foods instantly.

5 Disadvantages of food packaging

Although packaged foods are tasty and convenient to use on a regular basis, these foods still have some disadvantages such as:

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5 Disadvantages of food packaging
5 Disadvantages of food packaging

1. Contain chemicals

Studies show that tubed packaged goods contain many chemicals and colors. A chemical known as Bisphenol A is used in large amounts to extend the shelf life of foods. They also contain many other chemicals that cause infertility diseases, cancer, Type-2 Diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

2. Loss of nutrients

Canned foods are prepared after a lot of processing work. Different processes such as heating and canning remove some useful nutrients, vitamins, and proteins from the foods. As a result, these goods are not healthy for the body. They are unhealthy for long-term consumption and cause a lot of health disorders.

3. Contain high amount of sugar and salt

Consuming a high amount of salt and sugar is harmful to your body. Canned foods increase the rich amount of salt and sugar to improve flavor and texture. Eating foods with high sodium and sugar increases blood pressure levels. They also affect your heart and brain. Some fruit syrups and juices contain a lot of sugar. Consuming sugar causes Type-2 Diabetes and heart problems.

4. No variety in foods

One of the major drawbacks of canned foods is that there is no variety. You can get only a few food items in glass jars and bottles. Some common food items include fruits, veggies, oats, noodles, and so on. You will not get a wider choice of packaged foods.

5. No fresh taste

There is a difference between fresh foods and packaged foods. As these foods are packed in the tin for a long time, you will not get the same taste when you open glass bottles or cans.

Frequently Asked Questions about packaged foods(FAQs):-

Q. Are jars and bottles considered packaging or the cost of goods sold?

Ans. The cost of glass jars and bottles is considered as packaging cost. This cost also includes the production cost of an item. Packing materials such as glass jars, bottles, and boxes are used to pack foods. The cost of these materials is added to the packaging cost. On the other hand, the cost of goods sold means the direct costs of producing goods. They do not include sales or marketing expenses. 

Q. What foods are packaged in jars?

Ans. Glass jars are used these days to pack convenience foods. Some of the most common foods packaged in glass jars are spices, coffee powder, dairy items, syrups, cheese spread, meat products, and processed fruits. These foods are processed and then packed in jars for long-term use. They also contain some chemicals such as BPA and others. These foods do not decay or spoil due to environmental changes. 

Q. How are bottles packed?

Ans. These days, glass bottles and jars are used to pack food. Apart from that, the foods also come in boxes for easy transportation. Many boxes are made of wood, metal, and other hard materials. These boxes extend the shelf life of the foods and maintain their taste. Besides, you can also carry these boxes in any vehicle. You can store these bottles in any small place in your home, office, restaurant, or café.

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