Angela Deem’s Weight Loss: Before & After 90-Day Fiance

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Angela Deem Weight Loss: Weight gain is a widespread and crucial problem in today’s high-tech world. Many people are suffering from it. Many weight loss journeys are available on the internet for motivation. 

In addition, many famous celebrities share their weight loss journeys in interviews and press conferences. They give all the information related to their weight loss, like their diet plan, workout sessions, and many more tips for weight loss. 

This article covers one more celebrity and reviews their weight loss journey for our audience. 

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Today, we are giving a walkthrough on Angela’s deem and will give you all the information about her weight loss. 

Who is Angela Deem?

Angela Deem is a famous clinician, model, actress, and TV personality, born on December 9, 1965. She was in Limelight because of her weight loss, and she lost approx 40 kg weight. 

She is a trendy actress who appeared in her favorite TV series, “90 Days Fiance.” She worked hard, but sometimes, she was criticized because of her weight. 

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That’s why she decided to lose weight—to shock her fans. Angela Deed underwent many surgeries for weight loss. 

How did Angela Deem lose weight?

Angela Deem was just stuck out by her overweight, and she used to follow a diet plan but did not get good results. So, she decided to undergo many surgeries like gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction, and breast reduction. 

As a result, she lost approximately 90 lbs of weight. Angela deems fans just shocked by her tremendous weight loss. 

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How did Angela Deem to lose weight
How did Angela Deem lose weight

Angela is a popular TV personality and actress. Most people love her because of her work. But at the same time, she was also criticized by some people for her weight, and her face blew up because of it. 

As a result, she also loses self-confidence. So she decided to undergo different surgeries and lose maximum weight from her whole body. 

What does Angela from 90 Days Fiance look like now? 

Angela Deed lost massive weight through different surgeries. So, she was undergoing a tremendous transformation of her body; after a long time, she showed her beautiful and fit body to her fans. 

What does Angela from 90 days fiance look like now
What does Angela from 90 days fiance look like now

In this picture, you can see her incredible body transformation.

Angela Deem Before and After Weight Loss

The following picture clearly tells how Angela Deem looked before her weight loss and how she looks now after her weight loss.

Angela Deem Before and After Weight Loss
Angela Deem Before and After Weight Loss

Angela Deem Weight Loss Surgery

We all know that Angela has lost weight after many surgeries. So, let’s talk about the surgeries that Angela did for her weight loss. 

Angela is considered a famous TV personality, so she wants a lean body to maintain her stardom. 

So, she had multiple surgeries. A gastric sleeve procedure and liposuction were the primary surgeries she did on her body. 

Her main problem is big boobs, so she wanted to reduce them, so she also underwent breast reduction surgery. 

Many rumors are spreading out in the market that Angela has undergone gastric bypass surgery, but it is not true she doesn’t have any bypass surgery. After the surgeries, she looks damn hot and gorgeous. 

Angela Deem Age 

Angela Deem’s age was 56 years old, and she was born on December 09, 1965. She was a famous American actress at that time. 

Angela Deem’s net worth 

As we discussed, she was famous at that time, so she earned a good amount of money in her career. In addition, she takes approx 20-25k USD from the renowned TV series ” 90 days fiance “. 

In addition, she also sponsored and paid for promotions for brands, resulting in a net worth of approximately 1-2 million USD. 

Some Unknown Facts about Angela Deem

Some facts that you didn’t know about Angela Deem :

  • Angela deems herself a pet lover, and she has one dog named Takeshi. 
  • She was coming live with Dr. Worldwide for interviews on Instagram. 
  • She used to smoke from the age of 12 years. 
  • Angela promotes various products of different brands on her big handle. 
  • She loves to play with her grandchildren. 
  • She loves to make tik tok videos. 
  • Before the surgeries, she didn’t like salad, but now she eats it every day. 
  • She has also been a part of Dr. Drew’s podcast. 
  • She also stands for the Nigerian movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Angela Deem

Q. How did Angela deem to lose weight? 

Ans. Angela seemed just stuck out of her overweight, and she used to follow a diet plan but did not get good results. So, she decided to undergo many surgeries like gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction, and breast reduction.

As a result, she lost approximately 90 lbs of weight. Angela deems fans just shocked by her tremendous weight loss. Angela mainly considers losing weight with the help of surgeries. 

Q. How much does Angela weigh now? 

Ans. The weight of Angela’s deem is 190 pounds. 

Q. How much did Angela from a 90-day fiance loss? 

Ans. Angela deems a famous star from the popular TV show 90-day Fiance. Her fans loved her for her work. She has lost approx 90 pounds, and she shows her slim figure to their fans on television.

Losing weight was the most significant victory for Angela, who underwent multiple surgeries. 

Q. How long did it take for Angela to lose weight? 

Ans. Angela Deem appeared in season two of the TV series 90 Days Fiance. And her fans see her as overweight. But in the year 2021. Angela revealed she lost 90 pounds in just one year. 


Angela Deem is a famous actress and TV personality. Her fans love her, but some criticize her because of her heavy weight. So, she decided to lose the maximum amount of weight. 

She tried all the workouts and diet plans but did not get the desired results. So, she decided to undergo multiple surgeries for weight loss. 

She posted her photos after surgeries; she looked slimmer and more attractive than before. If your main focus is to lose weight, then you take some motivation from the weight loss journeys. 

In this article, we review the weight loss journey of famous actress Angela Deem. I hope you guys like this amazing weight loss journey. 

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