5 Anthem Health Insurance Schemes: Tip for Informed Decision

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Are you looking to buy a health insurance policy from one of the USA’s largest health insurance companies? Then, you may count Anthem’s health insurance company. 

Being the 3rd largest health insurance company in the USA, it provides a lot of coverage options for all individuals and their families. affordablehealthinsurance.com has given it an overall rating of 4.6/5. 

This rating reflects Anthem BlueCross company’s health plans’ performance inside as well as outside the marketplace. It sells policies in every state (50 states) of the nation of the USA. 

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Apt to meeting the needs of all age people and also of those who are eligible for its state-based Medicaid programs, this insurance company serves nearly 106+ million customers of some specific regions of USA states. 

However, some of Anthem’s customers have found its high deductibles too expensive. So, is this health insurance right for you? Will it suit your purpose? Come! Let’s find out:  

Anthem Health Insurance – A Brief Overview: 

Anthem Insurance, Inc. It is one of the for-profits managed largest medical insurance companies that fall within the Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association of thirty-six distinct companies. 

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It was established in the year 2005 after merging two companies, Anthem, Inc. & WellPoint Health Networks Inc, that prevailed last in the 1940s. 

Anthem Insurance Company got its company name, Anthem, Inc., in 2014. The company of Anthem serves the US states such as California, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, New York, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. 

In Colorado, Anthem blue cross providers, along with HMO Colorado, Inc. (Anthem’s subsidiary corporation), have contributed quality health plans for 80+ years. 

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Anthem Health Insurance
Anthem Health Insurance

Their health plans give customers access to health providers and help them find the right physician within no time. Besides, Anthem also offers various health & wellness programs as well as online tools that help customers stay healthy. 

It offers them mobile apps for searching for urgent care services. The parent company of Anthem, Anthem Inc., is Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association’s independent licensee and serves as Blue Cross & Blue Shield Licensee’s member for Colorado. 

Anthem Blue Cross California was a small company when founded in 1936 but is now one of the largest carriers in the nation. Anthem Blue Cross California, an independent subsidiary of Anthem Inc, is another Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s independent licensee, situated in Thousand Oaks of California. 

Regions Under Anthem Health Insurance

The 2021 coverage year has noticed some changes regarding the company. One of the changes among them is that Anthem Blue Cross’s coverage area is expanded to the following regions: 

  • Region 1 encompasses the counties of Amador, Del, Colusa, Lake, Glenn, Nevada, Mendocino, Plumas, Sierra, Trinity, Toulumne, Butte, Alpine, Norte, Calaveras, Humboldt, Lassen, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, and Yuba.
  • Region 7 encompasses the county of Santa Clara
  • Region 9 encompasses the counties of Monterey Counties, San Benito & Santa Cruz.
  • Region 10 encompasses the counties of Stanislaus, Mariposa, San Joaquin & Tulare
  • Region 12 encompasses the counties of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura.
  • Region 13 encompasses the counties of Imperial, Inyo & Mono.
  • Region 14 encompasses the county of Kern.

More Information About Anthem Health Insurance

Anthem Health Insurance of the USA has got the A.M. Best rating of A+ and BBB rating of F. The company is NCQA accredited and has got an NCQA rating of 4.5 – 2.5. 

Anthem Health Insurance offers some specific plans to its customers. They are corporate health insurance-related plans, dental insurance plans, group insurance plans, health savings account plans, high-deductible health insurance plans, and individual health insurance plans. 

Besides these plans, the insurance company also offers Medicaid, Medicare, and small business medical insurance to its customers. The insurance company’s provider network covers 1.7+ million doctors and nursing homes. 

Anthem Blue Cross California has a broad provider network that includes 65000+ care providers in the state of California. There are strides (made by Anthem) that strengthen physician partnerships. 

This consists of those who are serving rural counties like Amador, Shasta, Sutter, Monterey Humboldt, and Butte. Anthem is also trying to rectify its provider list.

It is doing so so that the customers could receive accurate evidence on the available or would-be-covered current providers. From now, the EPO members of BlueCross who have traveled to the USA with the help of its BlueCard program will get access to a vast network of hospitals and physicians/doctors. 

Anthem has ensured that integration becomes the focal point of the future wave. The insurance company aims to coordinate doctors and nursing homes to provide a seamless experience as well as coordinated treatment schemes for its members. 

Anthem health insurance company also proposes TeleHealth via LiveHealth. It’s an online program that one can use in private places (such as the home). The program offers real-time face-to-face confrontations with doctors of the customers’ choices. 

The Anthem members get this facility 24X7 in exchange for a small or meager amount of copay. The members of Anthem health insurance can also handle powerful online tools for selecting a doctor, reviewing billing information, accessing customer support, taking benefit of member discounts by joining gyms, estimating a procedure’s cost, submitting claims, and viewing video tutorials. 

Anthem Blue Cross Phone Number

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield health insurance company offers individual as well as family health plans for Health Colorado via Connect. 

The Anthem blue cross customer service number or contact number is (855) 453-7031. For any kind of assistance, you should first visit the website of Anthem blue cross. 

You can submit claims or track them there, know your benefits, manage prescriptions, do live chat, make payments, and access your Anthem member ID card. 

However, if these options don’t help you and you want any other kind of special assistance, you can call the Anthem blue cross consumer assistance number mentioned above. 

Is Anthem Health Insurance Company Good? 

Yes, Anthem health insurance company is a good medical insurance company. Its plans are acceptable nationwide and accessible. 

The plans of this insurance provider are proposed across 3 metal tiers that accommodate a range of appropriations. Another pro of this insurance company is that its rates are reasonable and are perfect for financial strength. 

So, Anthem health insurance can effortlessly fulfill financial obligations. 

Anthem Health Insurance Scheme Options

Anthem health insurance offers some Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. Anthem’s health keepers plus scheme gives coverage for any health problem to kids, adults, and the families of various persons via Medicaid in Virginia. 

To qualify for the Anthem Healthkeepers scheme, you must be an inhabitant of Virginia and have a monthly income of less than a particular amount. 

  • The Anthem Healthkeepers scheme – Bronze X 8200- gives you the required coverage by accepting a monthly premium of $327.40 and an annual deductible of $8200. Its annual maximum out-of-pocket expense is $8550, and office visits are 40 percent after the deductible. 
  • The Anthem Healthkeepers scheme for HSA- Bronze X 5900- gives you the required coverage by accepting a monthly premium of $346.49 and an annual deductible of $5900. Its annual maximum out-of-pocket expense is $7000, and office visits are 35 percent coinsurance after deductible.
  • The Anthem Healthkeepers scheme – Silver X 6250- gives you the required coverage by accepting a monthly premium of $427.96 and an annual deductible of $6250. Its annual maximum out-of-pocket expense is $8550, and office visits are $35 for primary care and 35 percent coinsurance after deductible for specialists.
  • The Anthem Healthkeepers scheme – Silver X 2200- gives you the required coverage by accepting a monthly premium of $458.91 and an annual deductible of $2200. Its annual maximum out-of-pocket expense is $8550, and office visits are $35 for primary care and 30 percent coinsurance after deductible for specialists.
  • The Anthem Healthkeepers scheme – Gold X 2000- gives you the required coverage by accepting a monthly premium of $431.71 and an annual deductible of $2000. Its annual maximum out-of-pocket expense is $8550, and office visits are $25 for primary care and 20 percent coinsurance after deductible for specialists.

Anthem Health Insurance Rating 

After reviewing Anthem health insurance, we concluded that it deserves a rating of 4.6. Regarding financial strength, the company can be given a rating of 5/5. Besides this, the company deserves a 4.5/5 rating for customer satisfaction, value rating, and coverage rating. 

Financial Strength Rating Of Anthem Health Insurance: 

Anthem deserves its financial strength rating of 5 because of its strong financial viability and robust, impartial appraisal of financial health. 

Customer Satisfaction Rating Of Anthem Health Insurance:

Anthem deserves its customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 because of its good handling of customers’ claims or complaints and good feedback from 3 consumer agencies. 

However, the company gets an ‘F’ rating from Better Business Bureau because of some customer complaints. These customer complaints against the company are related to the company’s billing and other denied claim issues. 

However, the company has ultimately closed each of the 61 complaints filed against it. Based on how the insurance company’s plans rate across 3 categories, named consumer satisfaction, deterrence, and treatment, the NCQA has given the company an overall rating between 4.5 & 2.5 (mid-high performance). 

From Consumer Affairs, Anthem Health Insurance got a rating of 4 stars based on thousand three hundred and twenty-four reviews. Most of those reviews feature either 4 or 5-star ratings. Most of the customers reviewed that the scope and reliability of the company’s coverage are very good. 

Value Rating Of Anthem Health Insurance

The value rating of Anthem Health Insurance is 4.5 because of its monthly premiums, the amount its policyholders spend on primary and specialty care, the cost of emergency care, meeting a deductible before the plan makes the payment for services, and the increased annual out-of-pocket limit. 

Coverage Rating Of Anthem Health Insurance

The coverage rating of Anthem Health Insurance is 4.5 because of its plans’ well accommodation of your needs, its providing of simple access to care for the customers, the availability of many types of coverage, the larger coverage map of the provider, and a large number of Anthem accepting health care providers.  

How To Obtain A Quote For This Insurance Company In California

You can obtain a quote for the insurance company, Anthem by requesting a quote online from Health for California.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Anthem Health Insurance

Q. Is Anthem the same as Blue Cross?

Answer: Yes, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield is a community insurance company’s tradename, which is one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s independent licensees. Anthem is Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc’s registered trademark. 

Q. Is Anthem part of Kaiser?

Answer: No, Anthem is not a part of Kaiser. Both of the companies are distinct insurance companies situated in the USA. The companies differ in many things. The Kaiser Permanente app helps users find hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors, view claims, and pay their bills. Kaiser also offers “Humana Pharmacy,” an app for managing your prescription. 
On the other hand, the app of Anthem Medicaid is accessible only to policyholders in USA’s five states only. The States are Indiana, Nevada, Virginia, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
With the Anthem app, customers can discover doctors, hospitals, and also pharmacies. They can also view claims, make payments on their bills and manage their prescriptions. 
The iOS rating of the Kaiser app by 2K users is 3.1, and its Android rating by 16,728 users is 4.3. Whereas the iOS rating of the Anthem app by 42 users is 2.2 and it’s Android rating by 101 users is 2.9. 

Q. Are Anthem and Kaiser the same?

Answer: No, Kaiser insurance company and Anthem health insurance company are not the same. They are different companies that have many differences.
Kaiser was founded in 1945, whereas Anthem was established in 2004. There’s a similarity between the two companies, which is that both have a BBB rating of A+. 
The NAIC Complaint Index of Kaiser is 0.36 percent for group health, whereas it’s 0.30 percent for individual medical insurance. Kaiser provides affordable marketplace plans. It offers many distinct tiers for coverage. 
The company has a low grievance ratio for plans for group health. Anthem Inc, on the other hand, is a financially secure health insurance carrier.
Kaiser is accessible only in California, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, DC, whereas Anthem is available in nearly every state of the USA.

Q. Is Anthem Blue Cross Medical HMO or PPO?

Answer: Anthem Blue Cross Medical plan is an HMO one, and it comes with a Medicare pact. Enrollment in the insurance company depends on the renewal of the contract.

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Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson is a highly experienced health insurance agent with over 10 years in the industry. He specializes in helping individuals and families find the best insurance solutions to protect their health, finances, and assets. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as one of the leading insurance agents in the region.

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