Top 10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States

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Sushi, the Japanese dish, knows how to do justice to your appetite without making you unnecessarily full. The amazing part about the dish is that you never feel bored while eating it because the presentation varies widely. 

Whatever the other ingredients, there’s one key ingredient that remains constant in sushi making— the sumeshi or sushi rice. Like other parts of the globe, sushi is a popular dish in the USA, where more than 4K restaurants are ready to serve it to customers. 

Top 10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States
Top 10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States

If you are from any city in the United States, you must check out the best Sushi near me on Google, and you will get what your appetite needs! Stay with us to explore fun Sushi places in US cities. 

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10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States

10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States
10 Best Sushi Near Me in the United States

1. Sushi Places Near Me in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, the city, is best known for its regional cuisines and occasional celebrations. In the American subcontinent, it won’t be an exaggeration to label Los Angeles the second-best place after Japan for Sushi. 

The versatility can’t be in any way challenged. Search for the best Sushi near me, and guess what? From mom-and-pop classics to omakase menus, it will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Search Sushi Delivery Near Me from Sushi Kisen 

While we have come across many sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, we have shortlisted some for you. Sushi Kisen should definitely be on your checklist for us. It is located near South Baldwin Ave B6 in Arcadia and serves Sushi at reasonable rates. They offer distinguished lunch and dinner sushi specials starting from $33 only. 

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Sushi Kisen is unique in terms of its customized dining experience, other than prefixed Okonomi or Omakase dishes. They pick at least 30-40 fish varieties and mix them with red vinegar and rice to serve the delicacies. 

Other Restaurants 

You can also try Sushi from other shortlisted restaurants: Shin Sushi, Sushi Bar, Sushi Note, Morihiro, Kogane, and Morihiro. 

2. Sushi Restaurants Near Me in Orlando 

Orlando City, Florida, has a history of making superior cutter sushi, maki, and nigiri. If you roam around any corner of Orlando streets, the strong sushi smell will lure you to try them. You can experience the extravagant omakase Sushi from Soseki Modern Omakase in Winter Park, Orlando. 

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Soseki Modern Omakase

The high-end serving restaurant Soseki Modern Omakase is best known for its seasonally driven omakase dishes. If you consider partying with your near and dear ones, that won’t be a problem because they offer a 10-seat multi-course dining experience. The modern intermingling of Omakase with local Florida terra delicacies won’t offend you for sure. 

The ingredients used are all fresh as they work in partnership with the local fishermen, cheese, and ceramic artisans. The Omakase dishes begin from $225 + $80 for modern beverage pairings. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

You can also search for sushi delivery near me from the best outlets like Zeta Asia, Dragonfly Robata Grill, Sushi, Sushiology, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse-Kirkman, etc. 

3. Sushi Places in New York City 

Today, we have come a long way, especially in NYC, where you will find top-quality sashimi and nigiri in almost every neighborhood. 

Even though we are concerned about sushi, their professional seafood dishes can beat any native Japanese stalls and outlets. So, don’t miss grabbing omakase meals, fresh nigiri, and other top-class sushi rolls in Gotham City. 

Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant 

While loitering across 48th Street, New York, something amazing is waiting for you. For the customers to accept bookings with full delivery and takeout. The visitors will be allowed to dine indoors, or they will also have suitable outdoor arrangements. 

For lunch, you can try out the Nami lunch, sushi deluxe tokujo, Maki three, Kaisen Chirashi, or extra special box of dreams containing sushi rice and raw or cooked delicacies. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

If you stay in New York, search for the best Sushi near me, and you can have a sushi meal from Momoya Chelsea, Izakaya MEW, David Burke Tavern, Morimoto, Sushi Yasuda, and Sushi Yasaka. 

4. Sushi Hubs in Houston 

The sudden hype for Sushi has been realized throughout the United States. The case for Houston is certainly unique to other cities. For those who know the love for raw fish stuffing for them, Houston knows how to satisfy you. 

Whether it’s a high-profile business dinner or a casual friends’ night, we bet you won’t want to miss Izakaya’s top downtown menus. 

Izakaya-Wa: The Cozy Place for Guests 

Staying true to its restaurant name, Izakaya Wa welcomes each of its guests with a warm heart and serves them the best exquisiteness possible. Izakaya Wa is the first Japanese-owned sushi place owned by Hajime Kubokawa and Akiro Asano. 

The cozy dine-out is quite reasonable for its approachable menu. Try out special dishes like paired Sushi with fried skewers and scallop hand rolls, which will stay with you for a long time. Also, pair the sushi main course with ice cream or green tea mochi. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

When not enough, I search for sushi delivery near me from other places like KA Sushi, Kuu, Soma Sushi, Kokoro, Uptown Sushi, etc. 

5. Best Sushi in Oakland and East Bay

Sushi is a staple for those who reside near the Eastern Bay or Oakland region. The region has historical significance, with many Japanese immigrants migrating to the different core and periphery areas. Most sushi delicacies, such as sashimi and nigiri, are best found in Eastern Bay and Oakland. 

Judoku Sushi in Orlando 

The sushi restaurant is right there on Piedmont Ave. Broadway is in Oakland and is very easy to reach when you turn on the GPS. Other than falling for the traditional nigiri, take advantage of their extra-large rolls. Seasonal mango-flavored sushi will melt your heart and is best for dessert or evening snacks. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

We have a long list of other best sushi places in East Bay, not only Judoku Sushi in Orlando. Those are Toyosu, Kiraku, Hasumi Sushi, Sushi Fighter, Kiku Sushi & Vegetarian, etc. 

6. Best Sushi Near Me in Chicago 

You are the luckiest if you stay in Chicago. Why? Because the city imports the finest ingredients, which are essentially required for cooking the best sushi meal. 

Even if you have fewer bucks in your pocket, never mind, as you can satisfy your taste with the affordable mali rolls. Ready to pay extra for your cravings? Why not try out Omakase indulgences from our top-pick restaurant? 

Omakase Yume: Best Seasonal Sushi Restaurant

Located near Washington Blvd road, Omakase Yume serves seasonal meals. The best part about the check-in is that the menu today will be different if you visit again tomorrow.

By ambiance, the place is definitely not that big and open, but the West Loop restaurant modifies each dish based on the cooking prodigy of chef Sangtae Park. The special 17 course includes all kinds of appetizers and desserts. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

Pack your lunch box from the best restaurants across Chicago – Mako, Sushi-san, Sushi Suite 202, Juno, Momotaro, Jinsei Motto, etc. 

7. Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco 

The sushi restaurants in San Francisco would undoubtedly stimulate your taste buds. However, most of the restaurants there come with a hefty price tag. So, better be prepared to pay extra to enjoy those sushi delicacies. 

Elegant Sushis in Kusakabe 

Kusakabe restaurant only allows indoor dining and is one of the pioneering Omakase Restaurants. The basic Omakase meals begin at $195, and there are exclusive discounts on special events like Valentine’s Day. Get some Kaiseki-style cooked sushi from Kusakabe Restaurant. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

Other exclusive San Francisco Sushi restaurants are Akiko’s Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Oma San Francisco, Wako, Robin, and Tekka Japanese Restaurant. 

8. Mandatory Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas offers some terrific types of freshwater Sushi, which can be eaten both as a main course and a side dish. The best Sushi made by them can be eaten without soy sauce and without chopsticks. 

Whenever you look out for sushi places near me, make sure to reserve the seats; otherwise, you may miss the best deals. 

Nobu Japanese Cuisine at Caesars Palace

Nobu’s Japanese cuisine at Caesar’s Palace is award-winning primarily because of its freshness, intricate flavoring, and intelligence in adding the right amount of spices. They make sure to gift you a grand feast with their enriched Japanese and Asian imported fishes. Vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian options are also added to the menu. 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

You should also take advantage of the best places, such as Sushi Kame, Yui Edomae, Kaiseki Yuzu, Yellowtail, Morimoto, and Soho Japanese Restaurants. 

9. Pack your Boxes With Philadelphia Sushis 

Sometimes, you need some travel-friendly sushi boxes to boost your hectic journeys. The Sushi best served in Philly offers perfect Omakase experiences and travel-friendly lighter meals. You will find easy sushi rolls, hand kits, and more within each box. 

Calming Sushis at Hiroki 

Amidst a busy lifestyle, all you need is a piece of calmness. By visiting Hiroki, you would probably experience the perfect serene environment with its heartwarming sushi dishes. 

Per person, it takes approximately $155 to grab the best dishes in one plate. Visit the corner of Lee and Master Street in Philadelphia, and you will feel the classic Japanese Kyoto vibes. You can make your reservation from Mon to Sun (except Tuesdays). 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

Search for the best Sushi near me from popular outlets – Bleu Sushi, Zama, 1225Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge, Double Knot, Umai Umi, and more. 

10. Sushi Places Near Me in Dallas 

No one wants to risk their sushi plate in Dallas because everyone here has their way of enjoying this Japanese fineness. Some like to feel the raw fish classiness, while others like to wrap up their meal with Sushi rolls. Dishes like Hama Chili, Japanese Snapper, Tuna Pressed Sushi, and Matteo Roll are must-haves for you. 

Dine in at Uchi, Dallas 

To witness an extravagant Japanese cuisine night, head to 2817 Maple Avenue, Dallas. Not only for Sushi, but the place is overall great for dining out in the city. 

Tyson Cole’s uptown restaurant knows to experiment with fresh fish daily or delicately fill Zero Sen rolls with avocado, yellowtail, and cilantro. No spoiler, but better taste the chef’s 10-course meal than later regret it! 

Other Restaurants While Searching Best Sushi Near Me 

Restaurants in Dallas where top-notch Sushi is served are Nobu Dallas, Deep Sushi, Oishii Sushi, Shinsei, and Blue Sushi Sake Grill. 

Ready to Dine Out? 

Now it’s enough to search for the “best sushi near me,” and it’s time to enjoy the Japanese riches wrapped with raw fish and rice. If you are a complete beginner trying out the best sushi, just ask for the Omakase or the chef’s tasting menu. Also, don’t miss out on taking a side beverage like white wine to be in a complete foodie mood. 

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