8 Benefits of Butterfly Pose: Learn How to Do It?

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Yoga is the best and oldest form of exercise in Indian culture. Indian sages always used to do yoga and keep their body healthy. yoga keeps the body healthy, and it also removes unuseful thoughts from the mind. Doing yoga is very beneficial for the body, it destroys many diseases in the body. By doing yoga, we get freedom from all types of diseases, mental and physical.

By the way, there are many easy poses in yoga, which are done to cure different diseases. Even if you do not have any disease, you can do yoga, it gives you many benefits. But in today’s article we will talk about the butterfly pose, butterfly pose is most beneficial for women.

Unlock the Benefits of Butterfly Pose
Unlock the Benefits of Butterfly Pose

Women must do the butterfly pose during their pregnancy, it provides comfort to their bodies. In today’s article, we will talk only about the butterfly exercise, what is it, and how is it done. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing butterfly exercise? Today we will tell you everything related to butterfly exercise so read this carefully to know about it.

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What is Butterfly Exercise?

Butterfly pose is a simple yoga pose, also known as Konasana, by doing this exercise, you get relief from back pain. Apart from this, doing butterfly yoga gives a lot of rest to your mind. The name of this yoga is called butterfly exercise because in this you have to sit with your legs spread like the wings of a butterfly and flap your legs.

What is Butterfly Exercise
What is Butterfly Exercise

8 Benefits of Butterfly Pose

Butterfly yoga is beneficial for the body in many ways, that is, by doing it you will get many benefits. Today in this article we will talk about the many benefits of the butterfly pose.

8 Benefits of Butterfly Pose
8 Benefits of Butterfly Pose

1. Beneficial in polycystic ovarian syndrome

POS disease is found in women, which is found due to hormonal imbalances in women. The main symptoms of this disease are obesity, tension, etc. Butterfly exercise has been considered the best for the diagnosis of this disease. Butterfly exercise helps to generate good thoughts in the mind by removing anxiety, besides it provides a positive energy to the body.

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2. It is beneficial during pregnancy

It is very important for a woman to do yoga during pregnancy, which keeps the baby healthy. It provides strength to the body’s inner thighs and knees, preventing them from becoming weak. The butterfly pose is very helpful for women during pregnancy and by doing it, ovaries are formed well in women.

3. Beneficial for migraine headaches

Several reports suggest that the butterfly pose provides relief from migraine pain. It controls every hormonal imbalance in the body, which is why it works against the problem of migraine.

4. Beneficial for CPP (Chronic Pelvic Pain)

It is a condition that causes a lot of pain, during which unbearable pain arises in the middle of the chest and hips. Many studies show that butterfly exercise can provide you with great relief from chronic pelvic pain.

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5. Butterfly pose is beneficial in reducing stress

Nowadays the problem of stress is increasing a lot in people, it gradually takes the form of depression. Stress reduces the thinking power of your brain, which increases your risk of going into depression. But if you do the butterfly pose daily, then it gives relief to the muscles inside your back and hips, which gives you relief. When you are relieved, you feel good and happy.

6. Butterfly exercise is beneficial in reducing depression

Doing yoga daily can actually reduce your depression, it helps in uplifting your mood. Many reports show that depression is reduced to a great extent by butterfly exercise.

7. Butterfly exercise is beneficial for reducing weight

Another advantage of the Butterfly pose is that it helps in reducing weight. If you do butterfly yoga daily, then it reduces the fat of your thighs and strengthens the muscles of the thighs. You can try butterfly exercise to reduce your thighs.

8. Butterfly pose removes the problem of constipation

Often the problem of constipation is increasing in people, and because of this, there is pain in the stomach and cramps. Constipation is often caused by eating outside food and drinking alcohol. The pain of constipation is very sharp, and it remains restless. By doing butterfly exercises regularly, you get rid of the problem of constipation.

5 Key Benefits of Butterfly Pose

5 Key Benefits of Butterfly Pose
5 Key Benefits of Butterfly Pose

1: By doing the butterfly exercise, the bones are flexible.

2: Performing the butterfly exercise strengthens your lower back and upper hips.

3: Performing butterfly exercises reduces mental and physical stress. When you do this yoga, then the muscles of your back pain are stretched, which gives relief to your pain. When your body is relaxed, your mind automatically remains in neutral mode.

4: It gives relief to the feet in knee pain.

5: It helps a lot in the work of progeny.

How to do Butterfly Pose?

Butterfly pose is very easy, everyone can do it. You have to follow all these steps to do the Butterfly pose.

How to do Butterfly Pose
How to do Butterfly Pose

1) First of all you have to sit like you normally sit.

2) After sitting, you have to connect both your soles with each other or bring them together.

3) Now you have to make your waist straight and hold the toes of your feet with both your hands, as shown in the picture above.

4) Now you have to take a long breath and while exhaling slowly, holding your soles, keep moving your knees towards the wings of the butterfly.

5 Benefits of Practicing Butterfly Pose during Pregnancy

By doing butterfly exercises for women during pregnancy, they get many benefits. It helps in opening the muscles of the legs and waist. The benefits of butterfly pose for pregnant women are as follows.

5 Benefits of Practicing Butterfly Pose during Pregnancy
5 Benefits of Practicing Butterfly Pose during Pregnancy

1: Relief in back pain

Performing butterfly exercises gives relief from back pain during pregnancy. It provides comfort to your lower back.

2: Helps in expected delivery

When a pregnant woman does the butterfly exercise, it strengthens the muscles around her pelvis, which prepares the body for delivery.

3: Reduces stress

The problem of stress is often seen in women during pregnancy, and it is quite natural to happen. Doing Butterfly poses in pregnancy gives relief from the problem of stress.

4: Helps in making the body flexible

By doing butterfly exercises, there is flexibility in the hips and pelvis of women, which is necessary during pregnancy.

5: Reduces fatigue

It is inevitable for women to have the problem of fatigue during pregnancy. In such a situation, the continuous effort of butterfly exercise gives relief to the body, which reduces fatigue.


So friends today through this article you have come to know what is butterfly exercise and how it is done. With this, you know what are the benefits of doing butterfly exercises. Hope you have liked the information given in this article. You can bring your health in better shape by doing butterfly exercises during your pregnancy. Performing the butterfly exercise gives you relief during pregnancy, it provides relief by strengthening the muscles of your waist, thighs, and pelvis

FAQs on Butterfly Pose Benefits

Q1. Does butterfly exercise reduce thighs?

Answer: Does the Butterfly Exercise Shrink Thighs? Butterfly yoga is one of the best and most effective exercises for thighs. Crying pulls the veins of your thighs, and reduces the fat of the thighs. You can easily do this at your home without any hassle.

Q2. Does butterfly exercise help in normal delivery?

Answer: Yes, butterfly yoga is very beneficial in standard delivery. By doing this, the muscles of your pelvis and thighs become strong, which helps in standard delivery.

Q3. Can we do butterfly poses after eating?

Answer: Yes you can do butterfly yoga after having food, and in fact, it should be done only after having food. You do not have to do this if you have any kind of injury in your leg or knee.

Q4. Does doing the butterfly pose widen the hips?

Answer: Performing butterfly exercises strengthens and opens the muscles of the hips.

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