The Tree Yoga Pose: 6 Benefits and How to Do It Correctly

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Keeping yourself fit is very important. People do different types of exercises to keep themselves fit. Many exercises help people stay fit. Today, we will talk about such an exercise, which has many benefits. Tree pose yoga is also very easy to do and has many benefits.

What is The Tree Yoga Pose?

It is done standing upright like a tree; hence it is called “tree yoga.” It is done in a straight position and requires balance. If you do it daily, then it will be very easy for you to relax. It is very beneficial for your core; it strengthens your core.

How To Do The Tree Yoga Pose

If you want to do tree yoga to be fit. Here are some steps that you can follow

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How To Do The Tree Yoga Pose
How To Do The Tree Yoga Pose
  • First of all, stand straight and bring your feet close to each other. Remember, both your arms should be straight like your body.
  • Focus your attention and take a deep breath. Now slowly move the entire weight of your body onto your left leg. Now lift your right hand towards the top.
  • Insert the sole of your right foot into the inside of your left thigh. Keep your soles on the thigh from this side so that the fingers on your right should be facing down.
  • Take both your arms towards the top. Now connect your two palms together like an inverted V.

6 Benefits of Tree Pose

Benefits of Tree Pose
Benefits of Tree Pose
  1. Tree Pose opens up your hip bone.
  2. It strengthens the muscles of your thigh, waist, and inner parts.
  3. It strengthens your core and helps build your core quickly.
  4. With the help of this yoga, you will be able to balance quickly. 
  5. It is also helpful in physical activities.
  6. Most athletes do this exercise as it requires a lot of balance.

Mistakes in The Tree Pose Yoga

Keep these considerations in mind to ensure that you get the most out of Tree Pose while not jeopardizing your joints.

Hip position in The Tree Pose Yoga

The most essential thing in this is that you keep your legs straight and keep the sole of one foot on the thigh of the other leg. During this, you do not have to move both your hips outwards. Keep your hips inward.

Foot position

Keep your left leg straight and place the sole of your right foot above the knee of your left thigh.

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Knee Position

Remember that your left knee should remain. Your foot should not go down.

Modification and Change in Vrikshasana

The tree poses exercise is considered the simplest exercise. If you want to modify it a little, you can. When you get used to doing it, you can make some changes to it.

An Amendment is Needed

Bring it down on the right leg if your foot doesn’t come up correctly on the upper right thigh. You can simply put your left foot on your right ankle and place your left toe on the floor. 

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If you cannot make a balance, then you can also take the support of the wall for that. Try to lean your butt against the wall so that your left touches the wall slightly.

Change is a Challenge

Raise your arms up towards the ceiling. If you can touch the palms, then touch them; otherwise, let them be. Raise your hand in such a way as to make an inverted V.

If you cannot make a V, you can keep your palm straight. Or, If you like this posture or you feel comfortable in it, close your eyes and slowly balance it. If you cannot balance, then open your eyes and try to balance again.


If you are unable to balance or have trouble balancing, take some precautions with this and do it by standing near a wall where you feel comfortable. If you have an injury in your leg or knee, then you cannot do it. In that case, please don’t do it.

Muscles used in Tree Pose Yoga

Erector spinae (iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis) trapezius glutes quadriceps tensor fascia latae rectus abdominis.

Tree Yoga Pose Good For

Tree pose helps you balance, and its weight will allow you to balance quickly. It helps in reducing your weight and assists in keeping you fit. It strengthens your core and helps build your core quickly. In addition, it strengthens the muscles in your waist, thighs, and hips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tree Yoga Pose

Q. What is the tree pose in yoga? 

Ans. This is an exercise where one has to stand straight and easily like a tree. As a result, it is known as “tree pose yoga.”

Q. What are the difficulties in doing tree pose yoga?

Ans. One way to make tree poses difficult and challenging is to stand in a bent position or on rough terrain. The hardest part is to strike a balance. It can be a little difficult initially, but if you try it repeatedly every day, you will be able to do it easily.

Q. How to make tree yoga easy?

Ans. Sit with your toes, knees, and hips pointed forward, with your feet on the floor. Lift the heel of your left foot to the side. Pull your left foot towards your right foot to play. Include the arms variation and breathe for three to ten breaths here.


It is not easy to do this yoga; it requires balance. If you practice this daily, you will be able to build balance. If you find it challenging to do this initially, then you can do it standing on the support of the wall and then slowly move away from the wall and balance without support.

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