7 Top Wines for Weight Loss: How Wine Aids Weight Reduction

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In this guide, we will help you determine which type of wines is better for weight loss. You don’t need to eliminate wine completely from your life; instead, you need to choose a healthy wine.

We all have been told that we must dodge alcohol in order to lose weight. Well, that is true, but not in the case of wine. According to the researchers, there are some wines that can help you lose weight. So, in this guide, we are gonna assist you with what type of wine you should drink and how.

wines for weight loss
Which wine is better for weight loss

How to lose weight but still drink wine?

Fortunately, you don’t have to abandon wine for losing weight as unlike beer and other alcohols wine has some phenolic compounds that help in weight loss. So, healthier wine is the best way to start your journey toward weight loss, but there are some things that you must keep in mind before drinking any wine. Wine is the healthier form of booze to stay sober and healthy.

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Here are 4 tips that help you enjoy wine while losing weight:

1. Watch out for the calories in your wine

Watch the number of calories wine contains. Check your calorie intake per day and then try to burn that particular amount of calories. If you really want to lose weight while drinking wine then you must drink a moderate amount of glass that is 2 glasses for men and one glass for women per day and try to go for low calories wine.

2. Do not drink at home

Drinking at home means you have to have a stock of wine ready, and you are likely to drink more. So, it is best to drive or walk to the nearest bar or wine shop and get a bottle of wine. Remember, if you do not burn the calories you gain, then you won’t lose any weight. Red wine helps fight cancer and heart diseases.

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3. Drink red wine

It is proven that red wine helps in digestion by increasing the level of good bacteria. Red wine contains compounds that block the fat cells and increase the hormone leptin. According to a study, it is concluded that red wine raises body temperature which results in the burning of calories.

4. Increase the timing of your exercises

Professionals say that if you want to lose weight while drinking wine, then you must increase your exercise by 40-50 minutes to burn the calories present in wine. Just one or two glasses of wine.

It is claimed that in red wine polyphenol called resveratrol is present that converts white fat into fat that is easier to lose. A study at Harvard revealed that those who drink wine are less likely to get obese.

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7 Top picks of wines for weight loss

You don’t need to cut off wine completely from your life. Instead, you need to choose a healthy wine. In wine, there are some beneficial antioxidants are present which enhance weight loss and also drop off the level of cholesterol. So, let us show you some of the best low-calorie wine options that contribute to your weight loss journey.

1. Yellow Tail Pure Bright Pinot Grigio

Yellow Tail Pure Bright Pinot Grigio- weight loss wine
Yellow Tail Pure Bright Pinot Grigio- weight loss wine

Pinot Noir is the most ideal red wine with a refreshing flavor and aroma. It contains 10.8% alcohol and 80 calories per serving. Bursting with apple and pear, it is best suited for food and snacks.

2. Brancott Estate Flight Series

Brancott Estate Flight Series- weight loss wine
Brancott Estate Flight Series- weight loss wine

75 calories per glass, it is a good wine full of amazing flavors and tastes. The percentage of alcohol is also less than in other wines. It is a stunning low-alcohol wine with passion fruit, lemon, and grapefruit aroma.

3. Thomson & Scott Organic Prosecco

Thomson & Scott Organic Prosecco- weight loss wine
Thomson & Scott Organic Prosecco- weight loss wine

Italian prosecco wine contains 11% alcohol and is best served with dishes like fish, meat, and appetizer snacks. It contains 7g of sugar per liter of a bottle and 67 calories per glass. It is the best-sparking wine for those who want to lose weight without ditching wine.

4. Sumika Shiraz 2017

Sumika Shiraz 2017- weight loss
Sumika Shiraz 2017- weight loss

It was launched by Marks and Spencer in 2017 and has 65 calories per 125ml glass. Sumika is a Japanese name that means “light.” This wine contains very little alcohol. Moreover, unlike other wines, Sumika Shiraz doesn’t damage your health.

5. SkinnyGirl Moscato Wine

SkinnyGirl Moscato Wine- weight loss wine
SkinnyGirl Moscato Wine- weight loss wine

This wine contains 100 calories in every 5 ounces and has 12% ABV. It is a very light wine with the taste of orange, passion fruit, and lemon that tickle your taste buds in the very first sip.

6. Cense Wines Sauvignon Blanc

Cense Wines Sauvignon Blanc - weight loss wine
Cense Wines Sauvignon Blanc – weight loss wine

Unlike other white wines, Cense contains 85 calories per 5-ounce glass and 9.5% alcohol. Made from grapes that are grown in Marlborough, New Zealand. It is a premium wine that gives a flavor to fruits and contains low calories and sugar compared to other wines.

7. Oddbird Sparking Rosé Wine

Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Wine- weight loss wine
Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Wine- weight loss wine

The French wine with 19 calories per glass and 0% alcohol, so everyone can enjoy it. With the taste of apple, citrus, and summer berries, it is the sweetest wine, especially for women, paired beautifully with fish, boiled chicken, and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about wine for weight loss:

Q. Which is better for weight loss, red wine or white wine?

Ans. Red wine is more beneficial in weight loss as it has resveratrol, which helps in losing weight when drinking in moderation. It contains a higher amount of minerals and vitamins than white wine. And it also offers many health benefits compared to white wine.

Q. Does wine help you lose belly fat?

Ans. Red wine is recommended for fat loss, but an excessive amount can lead to extra fat around your waist. It is advised to drink 2 glasses of wine per day for men and 1 glass for women to lose fat.

Q. Which alcohol is best for weight loss?

Ans. No alcohol can make you slim other than wine, but consuming a large amount of wine can also cause weight gain instead of losing it and increase the risk of heart disease.

Q. Can you drink wine and still lose weight?

Ans. Excess of anything is harmful be it alcohol, wine, food, or anything. So, it is advisable to take an adequate amount of red wine if you really want to lose weight while enjoying wine.

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