How can I lose an lb a day & the best way to lose one pound?

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It is possible to lose an lb a day, but the procedure has several health repercussions. Moderate to high-intensity workouts assist.

Although the idea of losing a pound in a day seems thrilling, the process can deteriorate one’s health. For athletes, burning 3500 calories daily is like a piece of cake, while commoners may face several side effects. Health adversities such as kidney failure, cardiac problems, hormonal imbalance, and several life-threatening ailments emerge as repercussions.

Lose 1 pound a day

You would need to exhaust your body and soul to burn 3500 calories on a regular basis. Your calorie consumption should not exceed 2500 Calories, as this will gradually lead you to starvation.

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To slash away fat, intake of a high-protein meal is a must if you undertake high-intensity workouts. In addition to losing a Pound in the period of 24 hours, adequate water consumption becomes the need of the hour.

What is the best way to lose one pound?

Several sites and YouTube videos bait innocent beginners by claiming to help them shed pounds daily. Low-calorie diets provided by such platforms bludgeon the viewers to starve.

Furthermore, the concept of shredding that one pound of fat may not be as effective as losing water weight. Edema (a condition to possess surplus water internally) occurs in case of less consumption of Aqua, taking great quantities of salt, fully-fledged carb meal, or disruptive hormones during the cycle of periods of cardiac-related issues. For the reversal of such conditions,  you need to drink water profusely to flush out sodium molecules from your body.

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lose an lb a day
What is the best way to lose one pound_

Moreover, you can cut down the carbs from the sustenance or may take up the hefty cardio training on a treadmill but the procedure should be stepwise.

How much fat can I lose in a week?

Ideally, an individual should lose 1-2 pounds in the span of 7 days. But this general advice does not satisfy the impatient curvy humans. Maximally, people have lost 11 pounds in 11 days too, so there is no boundation to such individuals.

Medical professionals never suggest walking on the ‘quick weight loss’ path as it may lead to chronic disorders in the future.

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Although plus-size humans can bear a larger calorie deficit with no serious adversities. But if we talk about individuals having lean structure, they may not be as fortunate as their overweight pals.

How much fat can I lose in a week_
How much fat can I lose in a week_

Now the ball is in your court, whether you starve yourself to look slim and trim or prioritize fine fettle above all.

How to lose a pound a day by walking?

On a serious note, there is no such thing as losing a pound a day by just walking. Although walking can complement low-impact exercises along with profuse fluid consumption and low-carb meals to achieve a far-fetching goal.

In order to lose 0.5kg in 7 days, one would have to walk five miles. Hence, shredding one pound in just 24 hours is no less than a herculean task.

If you really think of yourself so high, go ahead and stroll until you complete 10,000 steps in a day to shed some weight.

How much weight can you lose in one day without eating?

Intermittent fasting can be synonymous with a day without eating. In this fasting, an individual does not eat anything for 24 hours and can repeat the procedure after a certain interval.

From the results of various research and studies, experts have out that fasting incorporates numerous positive effects.

How much weight can you lose in one day without eating
How much weight can you lose in one day without eating

Fewer intake of calories in a week due to this fact, there is a significant weight loss. However, fasting for a day may lead you to shred half a pound due to metabolic shifts. If you continue with intermittent fasting, you will observe the modification in your metabolism and reduction in risks associated with health.


Dreaming to shed stubborn fat is of no worries but to lose weight in an instant comes up with bodily adversities. One can surely lose a pound in a day but the water retention capacity of the kidney, pumping strength of the heart, and regulation of hormones get affected.

A high-intensity workout and calorie-deficit diet slows down the metabolism and leads to constipation, nausea, or indigestion.

It is medically advisable to lose 1-2 pounds weekly so consider the comments of experts. In the end, no figure like a Runway model will protect you from suffering from severe health atrocities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on lose an lb a day

Ques.1. Is it possible to lose an lb a Day?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to lose an lb in a day but the procedure consists of several health repercussions. Generally, a person consumes 2000-2500 cal regularly so in order to shred a pound he needs to burn 3500 cal. Moderate to high-intensity workout assists the calorie deficit step to achieve the target.

Ques.2. What exercises can I do to lose a pound a day?

Ans. High-intensity or low-impact workout is the prime necessity to lose weight quickly. The individual would have to opt for aerobics or dancing to accelerate the metabolic rate. Cardio training like running on the treadmill or gradually advancing the inclination and speed on the treadmill would meet your training requirements. Lifting weights and high endurance can ease the worries of the weight loss process.

Ques.3. How can I lose a pound a day without exercise?

Ans. To lose a pound a day without exercise is like pigs having wings. This appears as a near to impossible task but still, you can make some efforts to change your eating habits. Cut down on carbs, consume protein-rich food, drink water profusely, and eat fiber-rich meals for slashing away a pound. Hydrating the body means the elimination of bountiful Na molecules to reduce water weight.

Ques.4. How can I lose an lb fast?

Ans. Choose a calorie-deficit diet along with low-impact exercises in order to lose an Ib fast. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates, consume leafy veggies, bolster the body with protein, and hydrate yourself to lose weight quickly. Though quick weight loss comes with health adversities and one needs to check upon his health.

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