20 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss: Smart Choices


Weight gain is a big problem that worries most people. Often people follow different diet plans to lose weight. An elaborate diet plan can help greatly reduce weight, so people want a good diet plan. But there are some healthy snacks for weight loss that can reduce weight. These snacks can make you feel less hungry and help you lose weight faster. A healthy snack can also satiate a person’s appetite.

Many such snacks will help you stay healthy and keep your appetite in balance. These snacks are delicious as well as will make you lose weight very quickly.

If you are looking for snacks to lose weight, this is the right place. Here we will introduce you to all those snacks and give a list of them, which helps in losing weight. This snack will be very beneficial for your health and tasty too.

What are snacks?

Snacks refer to the foods that you eat during the day in addition to meals. These are small portions between meals during the day. A study shows that snacks also help reduce weight to some extent. 

Snacks will quench your slight hunger pangs during the day. It provides you with more nutrients than vegetables and other foods. 

To lose weight, you need to target snacks containing fiber and health, keeping you calm throughout the day and helping you lose weight.

20 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

20 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss
20 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

1. Roasted chickpeas

According to a report, it is found that consuming 3 or 4 cups of roasted chickpeas can help you lose 1 pound in 2 months without any change in your diet. 

You can eat roasted gram by adding salt, paprika, and olive oil. It will enhance the taste of your gram by 10 times and help you reduce weight.

2. Apple and peanut butter

How beneficial is an apple for the body? You know that even doctors recommend eating an apple every day. It builds blood in your body and keeps you healthy. 

And if you serve peanut butter with apples, it can help reduce your weight. You have to consume peanut butter, which has no salt, sugar, or oil; such butter will improve your health quickly. You must consume only 2 spoons of butter and apples in your snacks.

3. Almonds

Nuts are very beneficial for the body, and they are also delicious. Almond is such a nut that is easily present in the house for anyone; it is beneficial for anyone in both winter and summer. 

Along with improving your health, it also balances your appetite. Almonds provide fiber and protein to the body, so whenever you eat almonds, eat them either with apple or with peanut butter.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is also a fruit that is good for health and helps increase blood. Often overweight women consume pomegranates, which helps in reducing their weight. Consuming 1 or 4 cups of pomegranate seeds daily will help you a lot in reducing your weight.

5. Pistachio

Do you want to eat something nice and salty in your snacks? If yes, then Pistachio is a perfect option for you. Pistachio is rich in protein and other nutrients. 

According to a report, it can be known that people who used to consume pistachios lost 1 or 2 pounds in just four weeks.

6. Chia pudding

These seeds are not loaded with protein and other nutrients, but they can be beneficial for your body. According to a study, it can help you shed a few pounds from your body.

It helps to a great extent in balancing your hunger while fulfilling the lack of food in your body. Eat chia pudding with milk, walnuts, and blueberries and see the benefits.

7. Green smoothie

Like green vegetables, heavy green smoothies can also provide many properties and nutrients to your body. This smoothie can go a long way in helping you lose a few pounds from your body. 

8. Pea Soup

You have never heard of this breakfast, so you may find it a bit strange to hear. But have you considered how much it can be of benefit to you? Pea soup can reduce your appetite to a great extent compared to other foods. 

Reduction in appetite automatically lowers body weight and is found helpful in weight loss.

9. Blueberry Toast

Scrape almond butter on bread with a spoon, add blueberries, and eat it as a snack. It will provide very few calories compared to food and provide you with nutrients like protein, good fat, and fiber. Anthocyanins in blueberries help in weight loss to a great extent.

10. Green Tea Latte

You can also make it a decoction of grass; this green tea decoction is completely full of anti-oxides, which has been found in many reports. It helps a lot in burning calories in your body. 

To make this, prepare a mixture by mixing green tea in low-fat milk and mixing it well. If you feel very bad about drinking it, then you can drink it by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey.

11. Cheese and fruit with it

Cottage Cheese is a complete source of protein; 25 to 30 grams of cottage cheese is enough daily. And you already know how beneficial the fruit is for your body. 

And when fruit and cottage cheese come together, it provides protein and fiber to your body. If you eat fruits like papaya, watermelon, and pineapple with cottage cheese, then it will help in keeping your hunger calm.

12. Dark chocolate and almonds

Almonds and dark chocolate together make an excellent pairing. When you have crunchy almonds with silky chocolate, the crunchiness of almonds enhances the taste. 

This pair is rich in antioxidants that provide many nutrients to your health. Both of these can be satisfying for your health and appetite. You have to put a handful of almonds in some dark chocolate and consume it.

13. Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes and cheese provide the same amount of protein and fiber in your diet as vegetables. It would be best to consume it by putting mozzarella cheese, vinegar, and olive oil on tomatoes. It is delicious and helps to make you feel very fresh. It acts as a salad.

14. Porridge

You know how good porridge is for your health because it is made of wheat, which has the power to win a roti. You can enjoy porridge in many ways sweet, salty, cold, hot, etc. 

It is a nutritious cereal that provides fiber and protein. You can eat porridge by making it with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, etc.

15. Boiled eggs

Eggs provide health with protein as well as many other nutrients. It helps reduce weight, which you can eat to lose weight. A study found that by consuming 2 to 3 eggs daily, heart disease can also be cured or reduced. Apart from this, boiled eggs work very well as a good snack. 

16. Turkey Roll Up

Turkey roll-ups are delicious and healthy too. It is a very high-quality Turkish food item that many people include in their weight loss plan

This will work to a great extent in satisfying your hunger and will put a restriction on your weight gain. To enhance the taste of it, you can also use cottage cheese in it and add some pieces of vegetables to it.

17. Cheese and Olive

Olive provides many nutrients to the body, and it is very beneficial. It removes many heart diseases, and it helps a lot in burning fat

This protein-rich food item can give many benefits to your body. It is a powerful snack that will work to a great extent in reducing your fat, thereby reducing your weight faster.

18. Avocados

Avocado helps reduce high-fat food cravings and is rich in fiber. It is one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits. After cutting the avocado, sprinkle salt on it, and eat red chili and water with it. 

19. Popcorn

Popcorn must have made you think that whether this snack will really help you lose weight, you will be a little skeptical. But it’s not like it’s not popcorn wrapped in salt and butter.

Popcorn is a generous snack that provides the body with only 100 calories. You can taste just a little bit of olive oil on simple popcorn and eat it.

20. Muskmelon

Melon is a liquid fruit that is very nutritious and tasty and is completely rich in fiber and vitamin A. It has less than 180 calories and is excellent for breakfast. Cut it into thin slices and eat it after adding salt and pepper to it.

Healthy Snacks To Buy

We can lose weight by just adding certain snacks to our diet. If we want to lose some inches from our bodies, we must add some snacks to our diet. Below is the list of some snacks.

20 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss
20 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

1. Gram

Gram is such a snack that you can eat it anytime or anywhere. It is completely rich in protein; you can eat gram by roasting or soaking it. 

Apart from that, if you do not want to work hard, you can eat roasted gram, hot gram, etc. by asking for it from the market; you will easily get roasted gram packed in the market.

2. Nuts

Nuts are rich in protein and contain many vitamins and minerals. If you do not like to eat nuts or you feel tasteless, you can buy spicy nuts from the market. It includes spicy nuts like cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, etc., full of excellent and tasty spices.

Best Healthy Snacks

1. Avocado

This green fruit is packed with many nutrients and is incredibly adaptable. Avocado is one of the healthiest foods you can consume throughout the day as it is filled with many vitamins and minerals. 

Simply cut them in half and add a little lemon juice on top for convenience. Sprinkle sea salt and enjoy.

2. Dry fruit

If you don’t like eating fruits and do not want to eat them under any circumstances, then dry fruits are a good option. Dried fruits are another quick, nutritious snack, whether you eat them at home or buy them from the market. 

Best Healthy Snacks To Lose Weight

Best Healthy Snacks To Lose Weight
Best Healthy Snacks To Lose Weight

1. Lemon and Blueberry Muffins

This is very beneficial and helps reduce body weight fast; it reduces your belly tummy and many more. You can prepare muffins by adding lemon to blueberries and consume them daily, and it will help in keeping your appetite calm and will help a lot in reducing weight.

2. Blueberry and Pineapple Oats

We told you earlier how oatmeal benefits your body. It is made from wheat, so you can guess the health benefits it provides. You can prepare oats by adding blueberries and pineapple and eat them in your breakfast, dinner, or lunch.


Losing excessive weight is undoubtedly a challenging task, but it is not impossible. However, achieving weight loss goals by changing your daily life and focusing on yourself. You have to believe in yourself and work hard; you don’t have to get attracted to junk food.

You must have realized that when you are trying to lose weight, you feel hungry, which distracts you from your weight loss goal. At that time, eating healthy snacks for weight loss come in handy.


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