Chunkz Weight Loss: Before & After Amazing Results Revealed

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Healthcoachjp will throw light on the weight loss journey of Chunkz, a well-known rapper and a youtube personality. Obesity is the main threat of dangerous diseases, and if you want to lose weight, then you have to follow a proper diet and do a proper workout session. 

Youtuber Chunkz Weight Loss Transformation
Youtuber Chunkz Weight Loss Transformation

Who is Chunkz?

The real name of Chunkz is Amin Mohammed, who was a well-known rapper and YouTuber. Chunkz has 2.29 million subscribers and 142 million views on its videos on YouTube. 

who is chunkz weight loss
who is chunkz?

He has 3 million followers on Instagram; Chunkz was making fantastic videos of sports commentary, quizzes, challenges, and pranks. Rather than that, he was also making rapping videos for their YouTube channel. He was posting videos of rap battles regularly. 

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Why did Chunkz join the Gym?

One day chunkz was looking at himself in the mirror and feeling bad and upset about himself. And then he wants to change his figure in front of the world. He was taking the help of his personal trainer friend, Kyle. 

He was saying you can take a good diet and a proper workout plan, but the main thing is to maintain motivation all the time. And his friend Kyle was giving adequate motivation. 

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He was taking all the essential diets.

Chunkz Youtube

In the year 2015, on 23rd July, Chunky created his own YouTube channel. His friend Sharkey supported him in this. Initially, he made funny, challenging vlogs and many other videos on his YouTube channel. He contributed to YouTube together with Yung Philly.

After this, Chunks became a member of a YouTube community called Beta Squad, along with Sharkey, Nico, Shabreel, Kenny, etc.

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Chunkz Weight Loss Diet Plan

A good diet plan is crucial for weight loss. It helps a lot in losing weight. Chunky used to wake up in the morning and eat three eggs for breakfast. Throughout the day, he used to drink a lot of water once in a while.

He used to eat chicken for lunch. Eventually, he used to eat rice and veg food for dinner. Chunkz loves to eat junk food and spicy food. This was the reason why he was finding it a little challenging to follow this diet plan.

How Chunkz Lost Weight?

Chunkz thinks he can easily able to lose weight. But he has to work hard to cut the weight. His weight has been reduced only because of his hard work. Whatever a person works hard to get, he can quickly get it.

Chunks told his fans that losing weight is a long process. If you do not work hard, this process can be challenging. If you spend time thinking about what people are thinking about you, then you will not be able to lose weight. But it will be easy for you if you really want to lose weight.

Chunkz also took a look at his diet to lose weight. He stopped eating late dinner. He started taking high-calorie food and drinks within the limit. 

Chunkz used to eat sugar and fatty food in significantly fewer quantities. He used to eat green vegetables instead of all this.

He set a goal to eat less food. Chunky used to drink water throughout the day and used to do a lot of work. He used to take very little rest while working. He made a lot of changes in his lifestyle, due to which he was able to lose weight.

Chunkz Weight Loss Exercise

Be it weight loss or staying healthy, exercise is essential in a person’s life. Workout helps in reducing body diseases and weight. Chunkz initially started doing high-intensity exercises and cardio exercises to lose weight.

When he got used to working out completely, he took some tips from his trainer. His trainer suggested that he do some test programs. This program of his was to strengthen his body parts like legs, arms, chest, etc. He used to do cardio to lose weight fast.

Chunkz Before and After Weight Loss

Youtuber Chunkz Before and After Weight Loss
Youtuber Chunkz Before and After Weight Loss

Chunkz Has Changed His Body Over The Past Year

He puts photos of his weight loss on Instagram. He is seen in a new avatar in these photos. Chunkz is very happy with this change. Now he feels much better and healthier than before. 

This weight loss journey was a bit difficult for him. He always liked junk and spicy food, so he had some trouble.

He made some changes in his diet. Chunkz preferred to eat healthy food instead of high-calorie food. He started exercising and spent most of his day in it. He hired a trainer and followed his suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chunkz Weight Loss

Q: What is Chunkz’s real name?

Ans: Chunkz’s real name is Amin Mohammed.

Q: How old is chunkz?

Ans: Chunkz was born on 21 February 1996. Now he is 26 years old.

Q: How has Chunkz lost so much weight?

Ans: Chunky did a lot of exercises, which was high-intensity exercise. As he became proficient in working out, he hired a trainer. His trainer used to give him some workout tips. He used to do workouts to strengthen his legs, chest, arms, etc.

Q: Where does Chunkz live?

Ans: He lived in London, England.

Q: How much weight has chunkz lost?

Ans: Famous YouTube star Chunkz has successfully lost 42kg weight.


Chunkz is a famous personality, everything was fine in his life. He was always worried about his weight, so he decided to reduce his weight. Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. Chunkz worked hard to lose weight, which is reflected in his results. He loves to eat junk and spicy food, but for his weight loss, he stopped eating all this to lose weight. If you are also troubled by your heavy weight then Chunkz Weight Loss Journey is an inspiration for you.

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